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President Spread 2 Legacy Collar

Design a Shirt


A modern spread collar with traditional proportions. It presents well under a jacket and compliments any tie knot. The President Spread collar is the perfect height to frame the face nicely when worn open collar or with a tie. It’s designed to curve gently over your collarbone with collar points long enough to meet your jacket lapels for a clean and balanced look. Our collar of choice for its versatility and universally flattering design. The President Spread was updated in 2016 to include a premium, stiffer collar band which gives the collar a cleaner appearance and helps it stand up better when worn under a jacket.


3 1/8" collar points, 5 1/2" spread, 1 1/4" front collar band height, 1 1/2" rear collar band height, 1/4" tie space, stiff fused interlining, removable collar stays.