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Soft President Cutaway Collar

Design a Shirt


With its aggressive cutaway style, it hits that perfect modern menswear sweetspot. The soft, unfused style gives it a more relaxed personality than the firm collars that dominate the market, but it has an artisanal touch that is undeniable. Worn with a tie or without, you’ll be well on your way to a sprezzy street style shot on The Sartorialist. *This collar design was updated on 11/27/2016. It matches the dimensions of our updated President Cutaway Collar with a slightly decreased spread and 1/4" tie space.


3 3/4’’ collar points, 7’’ spread, 1 1/4’’ front collar band height, 1 9/16’’ rear collar band height, 0’’ tie space, soft unfused interlining, removable collar stays.