Perfect Fit Guarantee

It’s simple — try one of our shirts.

We guarantee a perfect fit.

  • We send it. You try it on.
  • If it doesn’t fit perfectly (it usually does), let us know what needs to change and return the shirt.
  • We’ll alter or remake your first shirt for free and save a new size on your profile for convenient reordering.
How is it special?

Getting it right the first time

When you order a shirt from Proper Cloth, the odds that it fits perfectly are very high. Our size algorithms are optimized with data from thousands of clients. As engineers, we bring a statistical, algorithmic approach to fit that is rare in the industry. Whether you choose to measure your body, measure a shirt or just answer our smart sizes survey, be confident that your first shirt will fit very close to perfectly.

We handle any necessary alterations or remakes for you

If any changes to the fit are desired, we won't just give you some store credit and send you to a local tailor. Adjusting a shirt this way produces sub-optimal results and is hard to replicate for future orders. Not to mention it won't be much help if you need to make the shirt larger! At Proper Cloth, we will alter or remake the shirt ourselves, guaranteeing perfectly replicable results.

Our sizing is precise and consistent

Our production is one of the most advanced made to measure systems in the world. This gives us the ability to make really careful adjustments in a digitally specified, precisely replicable way. Everything from shoulder slope to the number of pleats at your cuff is computer controlled in our system, digitally integrated with our proprietary CAD system. This allows us to precisely update your saved sizes with extremely personal adjustments.

Great customer service and fast turnaround

Finally, we're just really good at making alterations or remakes quick, hassle-free and painless. We've got super friendly American customer service folks that are experts in custom shirt sizing sitting here, happy to help you figure out what we can do to solve your unique fit problem. We’ve also extensively documented many of our best practices for perfecting a shirt fit here so that you can get smarter yourself. And we’re fast. If you're not happy with the fit of your first shirt, you can have a modified shirt delivered in ~2 weeks!