Free 90-Day Returns & Remakes

At Proper Cloth, we’re obsessed with fit. So it’s only fitting that we guarantee it’s perfect.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee applies to our custom shirts, casual pants, and our tailored clothing (suits, jackets, pants), but note that we approach the guarantee for each garment type with slightly different methods.

Custom Shirts Perfect Fit Guarantee

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If your first shirt isn’t perfect, we’ll remake it—free of charge.

Smarter Sizing

However you choose to create your custom size—whether with our Smart Sizes questionnaire, by measuring yourself at home, or by stopping by our showroom—our research and algorithms ensure your shirt will fit the way you want it to, no matter your body type or fit preferences.

Easier & More Accurate Adjustments

Want to make changes to the fit of your first shirt? No problem. We’ll remake it for you free of charge to save you time and to maintain consistent, replicable sizing for your future orders.

Scientific Precision

Our advanced made-to-measure production system allows us to make careful sizing adjustments in a digitally specified, precise way. Everything about your fit is digitally controlled and integrated with our proprietary CAD system so we can update it with extremely personal adjustments at any time.

Great Customer Service & Fast Turnaround

Our friendly NYC-based customer service folks are experts in custom clothing and they’ll do what it takes to achieve your unique perfect fit. Plus, our shirts deliver to your door in about 2 weeks, so it won’t be long before you’re looking—and feeling—your absolute best.

Casual Pants & Tailored Clothing Perfect Fit Guarantee

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If your custom suit, jacket, or pants fit isn’t perfect, we’re happy to provide the following adjustment options:

  1. Have the garment adjusted by your own local tailor. Send us a photo of the receipt and we’ll provide you with store credit (up to $125 for a suit, $75 for a jacket, $50 for dress pants, or $30 for casual pants).
  2. Work with our team to determine what changes need to be made, and have Proper Cloth alter the garment for you or remake it in a new size.
  3. Return the garment to us for a full refund.

*Note that we will not accept returns of clothing that has been altered.


Proper Cloth is committed to customer satisfaction. Buying an item as personal as a made-to-measure shirt over the internet could be a risky venture. Yet Proper Cloth personalizes it with great communication and specific answers to questions.

Steve in Chapel Hill, NC


I had an issue with my first shirt. Customer service seamlessly (no pun intended) worked with me until the issue was resolved to my utmost satisfaction. I'm a loyal customer now.

Eric in Houston, TX


Ordered two shirts and they did not fit perfect when they arrived. Proper Cloth re-made both of them and now the shirt fit is perfect. Amazing customer service!

David in Norcross, GA


Everything went as advertised. Washed first shirt from an order of two. Found it could use a small alteration. Made the changes when confirming shipment of second shirt. Second shirt arrived with changes and fit perfectly.

John in Murrieta, CA

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