Proper Cloth Press and Features

We’re exceedingly gracious to the incredible publications who choose to write about Proper Cloth. Many of us grew up reading these magazines as children. To see our very own brand in the headlines today is incredibly humbling. Below are some highlights. If you’re in the press and would like to get more information for an article, please just contact us and someone will get back to you shortly.

And while we're on the subject of things other people say about our custom dress shirts, you may also want to see the unfiltered feedback from our customers.

MAY 2018 - Fashionista
"Proper Cloth, which launched 10 years ago and has evolved significantly since, is a popular men's shirting brand that uses technology to allow customers to get an exact fit from the comfort of their homes..." (read more)
"Companies like Proper Cloth in the U.S. use technology to predict a customer’s ideal shirt measurements without having to measure them in person..." (read more)
April 2018 - InsideHook
"To fix your formal wardrobe, we sought the help of Proper Cloth, the biggest custom shirt brand in the US of A. Using a combo of menswear know-how, some proprietary algorithms and a simple online questionnaire that can be completed in about a minute, anyone who orders from PC can get a perfectly sized shirt in under two weeks..." (read more)
"For the first time in my life, I could close a shirt collar button and not feel like I was getting choked and it fit my torso at the same time. As for the sleeves, they have a flawless hem, with no bunching of fabric by the wrist. The length was perfect, and so was my polished look..." (read more)
APRIL 2018 - INC
"For the first time in my life, I could close a shirt collar button and not feel like I was getting choked and it fit my torso at the same time. As for the sleeves, they have a flawless hem, with no bunching of fabric by the wrist. The length was perfect, and so was my polished look..." (read more)
"Our best pick to overhaul your closet is Proper Cloth, the New York-based custom online shirtmaking service founded by MIT graduate Seph Skerritt. You do not have to book a fitting at his sleek Soho showroom to buy one of his expertly crafted shirts, though it helps..." (read more)
JANUARY 2018 - Modern Fellows
Modern Fellows’ favorite cashmere sweaters come from New York-based menswear startup Proper Cloth. Though better known for their stylish, made-to-measure dress shirts and casual button-downs, founder Seph Skerritt has amassed a large and growing line of off-the-rack knitwear, suits and sport coats, overcoats and trench coats, neckties, and accessories... (read more)
"Style, to me, is about consistency," says Kyle Ridington, one of Manhattan's top-tier, and top-to-bottom-tailored, sommeliers. "My ethos with clothes is the same as for wine," he says. "I don't want it to be just recognizable. I want it to be unforgettable." (read more)
NOVEMBER 2017 - AskMen
"Proper Cloth delivers the most detailed custom-shirt experience there is..." (read more)
“EY has been recognizing leading entrepreneurs for over three decades,” said Debra von Storch, EY Americas Entrepreneur Of The Year Program Director. “The class of winners in 2017 represent new ways of thinking, disruptive business models and overall dynamism that make this country a great place to do business.” (read more)
"We have probably the largest data set in the world related to men’s shirt sizes and this is what enables our algorithms to be so accurate.” (read more)
FEBRUARY 2017 - Fox 5 NY
Proper Cloth is a fairly new men's custom shirt company on the cutting edge of tech and fashion. (read more)
DECEMBER 2016 - New York Times Style
As an engineer, I thought, “How can I use technology to solve this?” One thing I kept thinking is that most people are used to ordering shirts in off-the-rack sizes. That’s a pretty good start. But if I could know a little bit more about you, I can make the fit even better. We created this proprietary software called Smart Sizes where the customer answers 10 questions — how tall you are, how much you weigh... (read more)
DECEMBER 2017 - Racked
"Proper Cloth has doubled in size every year, he says, with no signs of slowing down..." (read more)
NOVEMBER 2016 - UrbanDaddy
"The experience in a nutshell: hop online and set up an engagement. When the time comes, mosey into this large SoHo loft (take a look around). Luxuriate on large SoHo sofas. Finally, have a leisurely chat with someone who specializes in making shirts fit just so; talk fabrics, discuss styling options, have your measurements taken. You want to be that guy who rocks the untucked, vintage-club-collared, polka-dotted button-up that fits just a little loose in the shoulders? Consider it done." (read more)
DECEMBER 2017 - Digital Commerce 360
“One of the cool, unique things about us is we have tens of thousands of clients giving us some form of feedback,” says founder Seph Skerritt. “We can statistically optimize for the best fit for everyone. I don’t think any other single brand has the volume or detail of customer data we have...” (read more)
NOVEMBER 2016 - Leanluxe
"Proper Cloth has exploded since launching as a bare-bones shirtmaker in late 2008. Its shiny, new Soho flagship is a milestone that speaks volumes about the brand’s progression." (read more)
SEPTEMBER 2015 - Esquire
Once you've chosen your fabric, you can tweak every possible detail. Want a semi-spread collar? A rounded pocket instead of an angled one? A covered placket? You've got a number of options, one of which includes monogramming. Plug in your initials, choose from three different fonts and a range of thread colors, then decide where you want to put it: high or low on your chest, on either cuff, inside the collar, or on your shirttail. (read more)
March 2015 - CSQ
"You may have thought the custom shirt was an anachronism – something for a man with too much time on his hands. The gentlemen at Proper Cloth beg to differ. In just one to two weeks, your custom shirt is ready to wear. And once you’ve been measured, another perfectly tailored shirt is just a click or phone call away..." (read more)
April 2015 - Yahoo! Style
"The result are shirts that...are still a ridiculous value for their $95-$220 price tag. “We have shirts made from fabric that you’d get in a $500 shirt from Bergdorf,” says founder Seph Skerritt, 35 from Proper Cloth’s NYC showroom..." (read more)
APRIL 2015 - Quartz
"That’s where the New York company Proper Cloth, which launched in 2008, has a clear advantage over its peers. The site’s interface lets you easily sort fabrics according to a range of criteria, from basic qualities, such as color, pattern, and price, to fine-grained details, including thread count and thickness. Want a light-blue broadcloth with a thread count of at least 120 for work? Or a heavyweight charcoal flannel for the weekend? Proper Cloth makes it simple to search for either." (read more)
MARCH 2015 - Kempt
"Far and away the victors. You’ve got your pick of collars (21 different ones, with an option for white contrast), several cuffs, plackets, pleats, watch allowance, dress/casual length, pockets, collar and cuff accents, and monograms..." (read more)
JANUARY 2015 - Kempt
"I just got my second order of custom shirts from Proper Cloth, and I may never buy a non-custom shirt again. This time I went with a navy pindot with a club collar, because I could..." (read more)
January/February 2015 - Esquire Magazine
"It would be misleading to lump Proper Cloth in with other brands who create custom shirts and suiting. On the contrary, the New-York-City-based brand is one of the most successful made-to-measure e-commerce sites there is - attribute that to tasteful fabrics, fast delivery times, and an easy shopping experience..." (read more)
SEPTEMBER 2014 - Fast Company
"Like Warby Parker and other brands whose DNA seemed initially written in HTML, but which have increasingly found their way into IRL, Proper Cloth is learning that sometimes in order to stand a chance at "disrupting" the big players, you have to play just like them..." (read more)
APRIL 2014 - Details
"There's just something about wearing a shirt that was made just for you that feels above and beyond even the nicest off-the-rack shirting (in my humble opinion)..." (read more)
MARCH 2014 - Valet
"Of course, there are a lot of sites these days that let you make a made-to-order shirt, but few brands do it with the precise execution and sense of modern style as Proper Cloth..." (read more)
"We also hosted a few shows for New York Fashion Week. And they were pretty darn great, if we do say so ourselves. First up was last Friday's Fall/Winter 2014 show from SoHo-based label Proper Cloth. Designer Seph Skerritt packed the show with elegant, wearable tailoring, underscored by clever, and occasionally sprezzy, accessories and styling." (read more)
MARCH 2014 - Men's Journal
"Proper Cloth allows men shopping for custom shirting to choose from an incredible array and select specific fabrics, collar, cuff, and button styles. But the site's major accomplishment has everything to do with tailoring. Send them a shirt you like and they'll copy the cut. If you don't love the results, they'll remake it for free..." (read more)
"Proper Cloth has added the option to make any of their shirts a popover. That's right, if you can dream it, you can do it (provided the fabric is available, that is). You want a brushed twill cutaway collar popover to add a sprezzy vibe to your summer cotton suit? You can do it. Classic button-down collar popover in a bold plaid? Totally possible. Oxford cloth popovers with semi-spread collars? Oh hell yes..." (read more)
"Proper Cloth has become a go-to source for made-to-measure shirts for even the most discerning menswear customer. The fact that you can nitpick everything from the collar to the sleeve length (right down to a quarter of an inch here or there) means you can get a shirt that fits..." (read more)
"The New Ways of Made-to-Measure: With the help of different technlogies, you can cut corners - and cut out the tailor - with results you won't be ashamed of. Send this shirtmaker your measurements or a shirt that fits you well. If you get the new shirt and want to make changes you can tweak..." (read more)
"One online menswear brand, Proper Cloth, has followed suit and opened a shop and showroom in New York in June... This is no Luddite nod to old modes of trading but rather a shrewd branding strategy. Skerritt's customers..." (read more)
"If you've read our October issue, you know that the good stuff comes from smaller batches, and Proper Cloth's new knit ties are made from fabric in Biella, Italy and meticulously assembled in nearby Malnate. Each tie is 58" long and 2.5" at the widest point, which places them firmly..." (read more)
"There are plenty of sites that let you make a custom shirt, but no one does it with the same sense of panache and #menswear relevance like Proper Cloth. Clothing nerds can geek out over details like different weights of oxford cloth and Thomas Mason fabrics..." (read more)
"Custom shirting specialists Proper Cloth just released a new collection of lightweight summer shirts called Montauk Escape, and it's enough to make us wish we could travel back in time to last Wednesday, when the long weekend and all its promise were still laid out..." (read more)
"Custom shirt maker Proper Cloth is the latest to join the click-to-brick crowd with a SoHo showroom that opened in June. Founder Seph Skerritt says the startup needed a physical presence to establish its brand. “Our goal is to be a timeless menswear brand..." (read more)
"Before you jump out your motherfucking sweatpants and ask me whether it’s inspired by Escape from New York and heavy on the Plissken-inspired leather trousers .... The collection consists of literally every shirt you’ll need for summer: madras, oxfords, cutaways, long and short sleeved..." (read more)
"These guys have been all-stars in the custom shirting game for five years—through the Internet. Now, though, you can meet them face-to-face and have them measure you and give you fine Scottish liquors in a real-life setting. You’re here for a shirt or five. The kind of shirt that looks like..." (read more)
"The made-to-order shirting specialists at Proper Cloth may be more than happy to let you design your own custom creation, but they also offer up a few collections of pre-designed options each season. And we should all be happy that they do. The latest is American Trader..." (read more)
MARCH 2013 - GQ
"This Just In: Proper Cloth's Spring Oxfords. The almighty oxford cloth is as stylish, storied, and durable a fabric as just about any out there and custom shirtmaker Proper Cloth is giving guys plenty of it with their new Spring Oxfords..." (read more)
"Watch This: Proper Cloth Takes a Walk: A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to be exact. One of our favorite purveyors of custom shirts, Proper Cloth, continues to add to their ever-growing fabric and collar options, from which any guy can..." (read more)
"You could get a dress shirt and have it tailored, but why not buy one made to measure from the comfort of your couch? Choose from 181 fabrics, then select collar, cuff, and button styles before entering your measurements. (The site was started by an MIT grad, so it's..." (read more)
"Never before has the made-to-order shirt been so quickly, easily, and inexpensively attained. At Proper Cloth ( you can browse the fabric gallery, design your shirt, (collar? cuffs? buttons?) and send in your size and credit card number. Custom-made..." (read more)
AUGUST 2011 - GQ
"For the guy who likes options (and lots of them), there's no better online-based choice than Proper Cloth. Startup-obsessed founder Seph Skerritt is producing fantastic mens shirts, remotely of course, from a small shared office space just south of Union Square..." (read more)
"Seph Skerritt, founder of, which enables customers to design and purchase custom tailored dress shirts online, is currently in residence at Dogpatch’s New York site. His firm was launched in October 2008, and is funded by family and friends..." (read more)
"Proper Cloth, a two-year-old shirt maker in Greenwich Village, creates a custom pattern for every customer and lets him choose from a multitude of collars, cuffs, pockets and more than 80 different fabrics, including six in white. And with a base price of $89, buying...." (read more)
"Users of this mass-customization site can tap an online 3-D preview tool to compose and order their shirts. Customers can select from more than 100 design options, more than 60 shirt fabrics, four collar and three cuff styles, and four button..." (read more)
"The insight of ProperCloth's Smart Sizes is that you don't actually need all the traditional nit-pickery of a smart tailor to deliver a smartly tailored shirt. "It's not necessary to get full body measurements to improve on size," Seph Skerritt, who launched..." (read more)
"It’s the little touches that we love so much about Proper Cloth. It also just happens to be how we like to stand out from the crowd. The Desert Island Shirt also comes with mother of pearl buttons, a button down collar, and one button barrel cuffs..." (read more)
"Proper Cloth offers handmade dress shirts to your exact measurements and design specifications, with voting enabled so that the crowd can surface the best designs. Founder Seph Skerritt ... pointed out that by eliminating retail overhead, the company is able to offer customized bespoke clothing..." (read more)
"That's exactly what happened for Proper Cloth, a year-old purveyor of custom-made dress shirts. After fielding numerous questions about fabrics and fit, owner Seph Skerritt started a blog with posts that answered the most common sartorial dilemmas. Eventually the blogs..." (read more)
"From a Cali entrepreneur and a Brooks Brothers vet, NY-based Proper lets you meticulously design the perfect button-down for your taste and needs, then mails it to you so you don't have to throw on that mesh jersey just to pick it up. The four step process begins..." (read more)
"Today, Mr Skerritt is the founder of Proper Cloth, a New York-based e-commerce dress shirt company that allows shoppers to mix and match fabrics, using computer-generated tailoring for the right fit. Its early success largely derives from being one of a growing..." (read more)
"Nothing, let me repeat that - nothing, makes you look better then clothing tailored specifically to your body. I have been searching for a great fitting men's dress shirt and I consistently run into the same problems. Like Goldie Locks (or Ben), the fit is either too small or..." (read more)