Common Questions

Custom Shirts

How do I get started?

First, welcome to Proper Cloth. We specialize in custom dress shirts, suits, jackets and pants.

The first step would be to create a size using our Smart Size Quiz. We’ll use your answers and data from thousands of satisfied customers to generate custom dress shirt sizes in your account.

To order, you can browse our gallery of curated, pre-styled options and purchase them, made to order in your custom size (and style, just click ‘Customize’ to modify).


You can use our Design-A-Shirt tool to create a custom designed shirt from scratch, selecting the fabric and all style details (collar, pocket, buttons, etc), before applying your custom size! We highly recommend only getting one shirt to start so we can lock down the Perfect Fit (Guaranteed!).

What’s the best way to create my first custom size?

If you’re new to Proper Cloth and are thinking about ordering your first custom dress shirt, you may find all the various size methods a bit confusing or daunting. Here is the general advice we give folks who are trying to figure out which size method is best for them.

You want to get started now: Smart Sizes Smart Sizes leverages complex algorithms based on thousands of other customers sizes and is incredibly accurate. Generally speaking, this size method will work much much better than just selecting a standard size based on collar size, sleeve length and type of fit. Click here to take the quiz.

You live in New York: Schedule an appointment If you live in New York and have the time to come by our showroom in SoHo then doing so can certainly produce the best fit for you in the first iteration. Our fit experts will take your measurements, have you try on a test shirt, and really work with you to determine exactly what fit you’re going for. Conveniently you’ll also be able to see the fabrics and styles in person. Schedule an appointment here.

You have a shirt that fits perfectly (or close): Measure a shirt If you have a shirt that fits exactly how you want (or very close) and are comfortable following our videos and using a measuring tape, then measuring a shirt you already have at home is a great way to create your first shirt size. Follow instructions here.

You have a shirt that fits, but don’t trust your ability to measure: Mail us a shirt to copy If you have a shirt that fits exactly how you want (or very close) and don’t mind mailing the shirt to us in New York, then we will be happy to have our experts measure your shirt for you. Your shirt will be returned to you when we are done. Tips for how to send in a shirt are here.

You’ve never had a shirt that fits right and you have a unique shape: Measure your Body If you don’t have a shirt that fits exactly how you want and are comfortable following our videos and having a friend help you out, then measuring your body at home is a great way to create your first shirt size. Follow instructions to measure your body here.

Regardless how you create your first size, we’re here to work with you. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee is unrivaled and we will do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your fit. Furthermore, our staff is trained to assist with alterations via the phone or email and we’ll ensure a smooth process to correcting your shirt size if your first try is not absolutely perfect.

How long does it take to have a custom shirt made?

Standard finish, casual wash, and non-iron shirts generally take 12 to 14 days to produce and deliver. In all cases, the promised delivery date range at checkout should be accurate (if not slightly conservative). Click here to see our typical delivery times based on product.

Orders including shirts with any style of Mother of Pearl buttons must undergo special Fish and Wildlife inspections that may cause delays. For this reason, the expected delivery date range will be extended by an additional 14 days.

Can I change the collar or cuff style? Can I add a pocket? Short sleeves? etc.

As a made-to-measure shirtmaker, we offer a wide variety of style features. Proper Cloth shirts can be styled with any of our 30+ different collar styles, 12 different cuff styles, and one of our 9 different pocket options can absolutely be added.

Just click the 'Customize' button next to any of our pre-designed, photographed shirts to edit the design however you wish!

Short Sleeve shirts can be ordered by specifying as such under the Cuff/Sleeve section of the Design-A-Shirt tool.

Can I get my measurements taken in person?

Yes, you can get your measurements taken at our Midtown or Soho NYC showrooms. Schedule an appointment here.

For folks outside of New York, we recommend taking our Smart Size quiz or Home Try-On Program to dial-in your first shirt, jacket, or pants sizes.

How do I request a remake?

We will gladly remake your first custom shirt, jacket, or pant for you, accounting for any size/style/fabric changes you see fit.

If you already know exactly what you would like to be adjusted, you can get the replacement order started by going to your Order History, clicking Order Details, and then selecting the ‘Request Remake’ button.

Be sure to make any size or style adjustments in Step 4 by clicking 'Modify Size' or 'Modify Style' next to the appropriate item. You can modify the shipping address in Step 5.

If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, submit a Fit Advice Request. We’ll get you taken care of from there.

Do you make shirts that can be worn untucked?

Absolutely. Taking our Smart Size Quiz will generate an untucked long sleeve and untucked short sleeve size for you automatically (in addition to a traditional, tucked-in long sleeve size).

If you've modified your Smart Size for the perfect tucked-in dress shirt fit, then we recommend decreasing the back length 1.5-2.5" and increasing the midsection 0.5-1.0" to save as your perfect untucked, casual fit.

How do I order a short sleeve shirt?

First, make sure you have a Short Sleeve shirt size. You can update your Smart Size Quiz to automatically generate one, or you can convert one of your custom long sleeve sizes to short sleeve.

From there, you can shop from our gallery of short sleeve shirts, click the Customize Style button to modify any long sleeve shirt, or build a short sleeve shirt from scratch with our Design-A-Shirt tool.

Then under Cuff/Sleeve options, simply select Short Sleeve.

I bought multiple shirts on my first order, yet I only received one. How do I get the others?

Sounds like you opted to try out our Send First/On Hold process, in which we send one custom item first to test out the fit while the others remain on hold. Assuming the fit of the first item is perfect, you can have the remainder of the order placed into production by going to your Order History and selecting ‘Request On Hold Items’. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you’d prefer that we complete the order on your behalf.

Do I have to send my first shirt back or are you making a new one?

While we do ask that you send your first shirt back, we will be making an entirely new shirt for you from scratch. At Proper Cloth, when we use the word "alteration" regarding custom shirts, we in fact mean a complimentary remake allowing for size, fabric, and style adjustments by request.

Where are your shirts made?

Our shirts are cut and sewn with our production team in Vietnam with fabrics sourced from all over the world (Italy, Japan, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc).

Our design team, business operations, and customer support are based in NYC.

Why did my shirt not come with my preferred style details despite the fact that I ordered with my saved size?

Here at Proper Cloth, we make a distinction between size and style. Saved size profiles include the typical elements of the shirt that come to mind when you think of how the shirt fits (i.e. Sleeve Length, Chest Width, etc.). Style, on the other hand, refers to the accessory details of the shirt (i.e. Pocket, Button, Collar Styles).

To ensure your preferred style details are applied to each of your Proper Cloth orders, we recommend saving a style profile from your Proper Cloth account.

One other important note, all shirts found in our Shirt Gallery are pre-designed and will not come with your preferred style unless specified otherwise. To capture your saved style, we recommend shopping from either our Fabrics page or the Design-A-Shirt tool. If you need any assistance with this, we have service agents via phone, email, chat ready to help out.'

Why do my new shirts fit differently from my old shirts if I used the same measurements?

It is not uncommon for shirts ordered some time apart to feel a bit different.

The main reason for this is shrinkage. Over time, as shirts are washed and worn, they will continue to shrink minimal amounts each wash. The shrinkage is subtle and gradual; resulting in almost unnoticeable changes.

When comparing a brand new shirt (ordered in the same size) to one that has been washed/worn for some time, the difference can be quite apparent.

Why are my chest, midsection, and sleeve width dimensions different from my body measurements?

There is a difference between body measurements and shirt dimensions.

The Chest, Midsection, and Sleeve widths reflected in the shirt sizing are denoted as if the shirt was laying flat. Essentially they are half of the actual circumference.

These width dimensions can be arrived upon by taking the body measurement (chest, waist, bicep around), adding some room for comfort (3.5” - 5.5” depending on how close to the body you’d like the shirt to fit), and then dividing by two.

So, say your chest around measures 42”. If you are looking for a pretty slim fit, we’ll add ~4” to that measurement and then divide by two. A good chest width for you would be right around 23” (i.e. 46”/2).

Can I add notes to my order for customization options not listed on the site?

Although we are a made-to-measure shirtmaker with a wide variety of size/style/fabric offerings, we are not a fully bespoke clothier. As such, we do not have the ability to accommodate custom options beyond what is offered on the site.

We welcome any requests you may have, though, as we are always looking to expand our possible offerings. Shoot a message over to our customer experience team with any and all ideas you may have.

I bought a couple shirts and need alterations. The site will only let me request an alteration for one. How do I request adjustments for multiple shirts?

As our Perfect Fit Guarantee assures, if your first shirt isn’t perfect, we’ll remake it - free of charge.

If your first order contains more than just one shirt, those are absolutely included within the guarantee.

We generally recommend starting out by remaking just one shirt to ensure the size/style/changes fully resolve whatever the issue may be.

As soon as the replacement shirt is approved, we will move forward with the remaining shirts after they are returned to our showroom in NYC, per our Return & Exchange Policy.

Is this item/fabric coming back in stock?

Items/Fabrics that will be restocked will display an Estimated Restock Date. You can request to be notified (via email) when it’s restocked. Items/fabrics that will not return will display Sold Out/Discontinued. Click here for more information.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We do. Visit our Gift Card page to purchase physical or digital Proper Cloth gift cards.

Casual Pants

How can I create a custom Casual Pants size?

We have a few ways to create your Casual Pants size. Choose the one that works best for you.

Smart Sizes - Our most popular and recommended size method. Answer a few questions about your body and fit preferences and let our algorithm calculate your ideal Casual Pant size. Smart Sizes takes into account both your fit preferences and body type for a more personal fit. Click here to create a Smart Size for Casual Pants.

Measure Your Pants - If you have a pair of pants you love the fit of, you can follow these instructions to measure your pants. When you have your desired dimensions ready, use this page to create a size that matches.

Home Try On - If you really want to try something on, checkout our new Home Try On! We’ll send you two of our standard size pants for you to try on and triangulate what the best size for you is. Click here to order a HTO kit for Chinos.

How do I request a remake or alteration for casual pants?

We’re happy to provide each customer up to two complimentary remakes to dial in their casual pants size. You can request your first remake directly from your order history.

If you already know exactly what you would like to be adjusted, you can get the replacement order started by going to your Order History, clicking Order Details, and then selecting the ‘Request Remake’ button. Be sure to make any size or style adjustments in Step 4 by clicking 'Modify Size' or 'Modify Style' next to the appropriate item. You can modify the shipping address in Step 5.

If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, submit a Fit Advice Request. We’ll get you taken care of from there.

Alternatively, customers can have their casual pants tailored by a local tailor (and be reimbursed up to $30/pant as store credit). This can be a good option for small or time-sensitive adjustments. Click here for tips on how to handle local alterations.

What are the differences between the Casual Pant fit options?

For both Standard Sizes and Smart Sizes, customers choose a Fit, selecting between Extra Slim, Slim, Straight, Athletic, or Classic.

Click here for photos comparing the various Fit options.

Extra Slim Fit is a progression from our popular Slim Fit with narrower dimensions through the hips and legs with a smaller leg opening. This fit is great for thinner guys or guys who want a particularly slim fit with significant taper. Extra Slim Fit is not a skin-tight “skinny” fit, and will still be work appropriate for slimmer men in relaxed offices.

Slim Fit is our most-popular, office appropriate, slim-but-not-tight fit. It’s suggested for average size guys that want a clean, tailored look that will still drape from the thigh down. It’s significantly narrower than Classic fit through the hips and leg, and has a noticeable taper from thigh to leg opening, but is not as slim as Extra Slim.

Straight Fit is similar to our Slim fit in the hips and thighs, but with minimal taper from thigh to knee to leg opening. It has a wide leg opening that will easily fit over bulky boots, or cover more of the shoes.

Athletic Fit is roomier than Slim fit in the seat and thighs, but still tapered to the knee and leg opening. If you have particularly large hips or thighs, but still want a slim fit, this is a good choice for you.

Classic Fit is more relaxed than Slim Fit in the hips and thighs, with significantly less taper through the knee and leg opening. Great for guys who want a roomier fit with classic proportions and a wider leg opening that covers more of their shoe.

What’s the difference between 5-Pockets, Chinos, and Jogger style Casual Pants?

Chino Style Pants is a style of casual pant that typically features angled side pockets, subtle jetted or flap back pockets, and a hidden coin-pocket. Proper Cloth Chino style pants use horn, or faux horn buttons, and have a split center seam in the back. Chino pants can be made in a variety of fabrics, from the most classic cotton twill, to more modern performance fabrics.

5-Pocket Style Pants is another style of casual pant, with design details like we’ve come to expect in jeans. This includes the two curved pockets on the front, a visible small coin pocket on the right side, and two large patch pockets on the back. 5-Pocket pants typically use a metal tack button at the front, and have small metal rivets at the pocket corners. 5-Pocket pants can be made in a variety of fabrics, including washed denim for jeans, and other cotton or technical fabrics.

Jogger Style Pants are unique in that they feature a drawstring elastic waistband and an elastic cuff at the ankles. This gives them them a particularly casual look, similar to sweat pants, but when made with certain fabrics, they can still feel quite smart, but with a sporty flair.

While all styles of pants can be dressed up, Chinos are generally considered the most dressy, followed by 5-Pockets and then Joggers as the most casual option.

How long does it take to receive custom Casual Pants?

All of our Casual Pants are custom made-to-order, and generally take about 2-3 weeks to be produced and delivered to your door.

Click here to see our current delivery times based on product.

How are Proper Cloth Dress Pants different from Proper Cloth Chinos?

Dress Pants (also known as Trousers) are part of our Tailored Clothing line, and are typically made from a wool or wool blend fabric. Dress Pants feature a Bemberg lining inside that goes down to the knee, and a grosgrain reinforcement at the cuff. Dress Pants are made to have a crease that runs down the center front and back of the leg, for a slimming effect. Dress Pants require dry-cleaning.

Chinos can look similar to Dress Pant given they have similar style pockets. However, there are some fundamental differences. First of all, Chinos are typically made from cotton, or a cotton blend of fabric, they have no lining. Secondly, chinos don’t have any crease down the center of the pant legs. Overall, Chinos are more casual than dress pants. Conveniently, Casual Pants don’t need dry-cleaning, and can be washed at home in the washing machine.

Due to some manufacturing differences between the two products, you must have a different saved size to order Casual Pants than the one you use for Dress Pants.

Dress Pants typically take longer to be made and delivered than Casual Pants. Consult current delivery times here.

Can I convert a Chino style pant into a 5-Pocket style pant or vice-versa?

Yes, all of our Casual Pants have customizable designs, and can be switched between the Chino, 5-Pocket, and Jogger styles.

To modify a pants style, go to its product page and click on the “Customize” button. Then click on “Style” to expand this design option. Select the desired style you want and click Next. The image on the left will not update to show the new configuration, but your changes have been applied. Click Add to Cart to purchase the pants in the newly selected Style.

Tailored Clothing

What is considered 'Tailored Clothing'?

Tailored Clothing is our term for non-shirt custom garments including Suits, Jackets, Pants and Tuxedos.

What’s the best way to create my tailored clothing size?

To create your first tailored jacket or pant size, we recommend the following 2 options:

  1. Updating your Smart Size quiz answers.
  2. Checking out our Home Try-On Program.

What’s the difference between the trouser fit options?

We offer a variety of tailored trouser fit options to suit different body types and style preferences. Click here to see which fit is best for you.

With our advanced made-to-measure system, these fit options can be fine-tuned to your exact specifications and saved as your perfect tailored pant size.

How long does it take to have custom tailored suits, jackets, or trousers made?

Tailored clothing--including suits, jackets, and dress pants--generally takes about three to four weeks to produce and deliver.

Click here to see our current delivery times based on product.

I like this garment as pictured, but wish I could change the design a bit. Are your Tailored Clothing products customizable?

Absolutely! From the product page, simply click the ‘Customize’ button next to the size selection.

From there, you’ll be able to change lapel shape, construction style, buttons, jacket vents, lining, cuff/hem style, tuxedo styling and other options!

I have a custom shirt size already, can you use that to create my first suit/jacket/pant size?

It is difficult to predict suit/jacket/pant sizing from shirt dimensions alone as the pattern, range of motion requirements and fit preferences vary between the different garment types.

To create your first suit/jacket/pant size, we recommend updating your Smart Size quiz answers -OR- Trying our Home Try-On Program.

We’ll use this data to generate a custom size based on your inputs with the same proven algorithm used to produce the majority of our custom shirt customers' sizes!

I just received my first suit/jacket/pant and need some alterations. How do I get help?

We can definitely assist with alterations (or a remake) in a few different ways. Contact us to initiate any of the following:

  • Have the garment adjusted by your own local tailor. Send us a photo of the receipt and we’ll provide you with a store credit reimbursement (up to $125 for a suit, $75 for a jacket, and $50 for trousers).
  • If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, submit a Fit Advice Request. We’ll get you taken care of from there.
  • If you already know exactly what you would like to be adjusted, you can get the replacement order started by going to your Order History, clicking Order Details, and then selecting the ‘Request Remake’ button. Make any size or style adjustments in Step 4 by clicking 'Modify Size' or 'Modify Style' next to the appropriate item. You can modify the shipping address in Step 5.
  • Return the tailored clothing to us for a full refund.


How long does it take to receive a face mask order?

In-stock face masks typically leave our offices in New York 1-2 business days after ordering. For US customers they are shipped via FedEx Smartpost or USPS First Class and will typically take 5-7 days to arrive.

For customers located outside of the US, face masks typically leave our offices in New York 1-2 business days after ordering and are shipped via FedEx and will typically take 3-7 days to arrive.

Which mask size is best for me?

We offer our face masks in two sizes for adults—Large and Small. Additionally, we have even smaller, children sized masks.

You can find our size chart, mask size measurements, and recommendations for choosing the right size on this page.

What’s the safest mask fabric?

Many articles circulating online regarding fabric thread count recommendations for cloth masks are geared toward individuals using cloth alone as a means of protection.

Proper Cloth masks provide more protection than cloth does on its own, as they feature a highly effective 5-layer design: a 3-layer non-woven, lab tested polypropylene filter, tucked neatly between 2 layers of premium, breathable shirting fabric.

Mask fabrics should be selected for your color and design preferences, as the filter included with each mask is the primary form of protection. The protection provided by the fabric is supplementary.

Are these masks medical grade?

Our masks are not intended to be worn in medical settings. They are not intended as substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not considered PPE. The replaceable and sewn-in filters included in our masks are lab test certified BFE ≥99% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency rating of 99% or greater for .1 micron-sized bacteria) and PFE PM0.1 ≥95% (Particle Filtration Efficiency of 95% or greater for .1 micron-sized particles). See the 3.0 mask filter lab test results here. Our previous 2.1 filter test results are here

What’s the difference between the different versions of the mask?

Each version of the Everyday Mask (v1.0, v1.1, and so on) features updates to the design or construction of the mask. Full details of these updates, as well as size specifications, can be found on our reference page.

Our TechKnit Mask has a different look and fit from the Everyday Mask, but it has the same 5-layer construction including premium shirt fabrics and a non-woven polypropylene filter. Full details of the TechKnit Mask's design can be found here, and measurement specifications can be found here.

Can I mix sizes in a mask multi-pack?

We are currently able to mix sizes in 10-packs. A 10-pack of masks is available in your choice of 10 Large, 10 Small, or 5 Large and 5 Small masks, a 3-pack of masks will include 3 masks of one chosen size (Large or Small), and a 60-pack will include 30 Large and 30 Small.

How can I wash my face mask?

We recommend hand washing our masks with soap and warm water, rinsing thoroughly, and allowing them to air dry. They can also be machine washed if you prefer. We also have a comprehensive step-by-step guide to hand washing your face mask.

Do you offer replacement filters?

Not currently. At this time we do not have replacement filters available for purchase, however the filter provided with each mask is washable and has been lab-tested to show that it remains fully effective after at least 20 washes (we didn’t test it for more washes than that). We’re still working to obtain replacement filters for our masks and hope to have them available in the future.

Can I return this mask?

Due to the personal nature of these products we cannot accept returns. Our Return Policy is located here, and our CX team is always happy to answer further questions should you have them. Contact our CX team.


How do I request my items On Hold?

From your Order History, click the Order Details link next to the original order number.

Then click the Request On Hold Items button and follow the prompts through to complete your request.

How do I modify my On Hold items?

From your Order History, click the Order Details link next to the original order number. Then click the Request On Hold Items button and follow the prompts.

You will be prompted to confirm or modify the size and style details of each item.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance to change your shipping preferences if needed.

How long until I receive items I requested from On Hold?

Once items On Hold are requested for production, they will follow the standard turnaround times associated with each product category.

Similar to the initial order, tracking information will be emailed to you as soon as items ship from the production facility.

How can I cancel items On Hold?

To cancel items On Hold, please Contact Us and detail which items (if not all items) you’d like to cancel.

We’ll process a store credit refund for you quickly, unless you specify that a payment refund is preferred.

How can I modify an item from hours ago/last night?

From your Order History, click the Modify Order button next to Order Details. Next to each item, you can click Quick Modify then select Change Design or Change Size to adjust the appropriate component of the ordered items. Additionally, you can click Modify Address to change your shipping preferences if needed.

How can I modify an item that’s already “Being cut and sewn”?

If the Order Status is “Order being cut and sewn,” construction of your garments has begun.

Please Contact Us as soon as possible to have the order cancelled. A replacement order can then be initiated with the desired changes.

Note: Replacement orders will follow the standard turnaround times associated with each product category based on the date of order.

I cancelled my order for store credit, can I get a payment refund instead?

Please Contact Us to request a payment refund instead of the immediate Store Credit refund provided.

How do I return a product?

Check if the product is eligible for return, then send us a message to let us know what you’re sending back and if you’d prefer a refund, credit, or remake.

Prepaid return shipping labels included with all US orders.

More information on returns, US and international, here.

How do I request a remake?

From your Order History, click Order Details and if eligible, the Request A Remake button will be present. If you’ve already processed a remake in the past, send us a message to request help with an additional remake.

If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, submit a Fit Advice Request. We’ll get you taken care of from there.


How do I track an existing order?

If you have already placed an order, you can check the status of the order by signing into your account and going to the Order History page. If your order has shipped, a link to the order’s tracking information will be included in the order details.

Do you offer rush delivery?

Rush delivery is not available for custom made products. With ready-to-wear and stocked products, we have a little more flexibility.

More details on our Shipping services here.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to over 40 countries. Check out our Shipping/Delivery guide for a full list.

Can I pick up my order in-store?

Yes. To arrange for in-store pickup, you'll need to fill in the address of the showroom you'd like to pick up from as your shipping address at checkout. You'll receive a notification email from the showroom team when your package is ready, and you can drop by at your convenience to pick it up. Stocked products such as sweaters, outerwear, masks, and accessories will typically be ready for pick-up 3 days from the date of the order.

Fill in the address with one of the following:

[YOUR NAME] c/o Proper Cloth 681 Fifth Avenue 9th Floor New York, NY 10022

[YOUR NAME] c/o Proper Cloth 495 Broadway 6th Floor New York, NY 10012

Please note that arranging for in-store pick-up will not waive any shipping charges, if applicable to your order.

Can you ship to P.O. Box addresses?

Yes. However, note that orders shipping to United States P.O. Box addresses will have to first be delivered to our headquarters in New York. Then our team will re-ship them to your P.O. Box via USPS. This could add up to a week to the delivery time (on top of the estimated delivery window you receive when you place your order).

How long does it take to have a custom garment made?

It will take anywhere from two to four weeks to receive your order, depending on what you’ve purchased. Click here to see our current delivery times based on product.

How long does it take to receive a 'Pre-Order' item?

Pre-Order products generally take at least a few weeks to deliver. The expected delivery date is provided in the Product Info section once you select a size.

Currently, the email receipt for your Pre-Order product will feature our ~1 week Stocked Product delivery estimate. We are working to fix this unique messaging problem.

A follow-up message clarifying the delivery date will be provided when the pre-order purchasing window closes. Finally, tracking details will be provided as soon as the items finish production and are prepared for shipment to your address.

Can you ship to APO and FPO addresses?

Yes. No problem at all! Please note, however, that the promised delivery dates of shirt and casual pant orders will be pushed back by a few days.

Still have questions? See all of our reference articles or send us a message.