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With a virtual consultation, our fit experts can help you fine-tune the fit of a purchased item, or learn more about fabrics and style options via video call.

Note, if you’re looking for help creating your very first size and haven’t yet received a Proper Cloth garment (or a Home-Try-On kit), a virtual consultation is not recommended. Instead, we generally suggest to start by answering the Smart Size questionnaire.

Virtual appointments are currently closed.

In-person appointments for this location are currently closed.

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May 2022



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Typically around 30 mins

Note: A virtual consultation is not recommended for first-time fittings. We generally recommend starting by taking our Smart Size quiz or using our Home Try-On program.


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Proper Cloth Virtual Consultation

What to Expect

A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, we’ll send you a private video link where we can help you find or fine-tune your fit, help select fabrics, or provide style advice. A typical virtual appointment takes about 30 minutes. If you already have a Proper Cloth garment, we request that you have it on and ready to show when your appointment starts.