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Washed Denim and Indigo

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Custom Indigo Shirts

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Custom Indigo Shirts

One of a Kind.

You won’t find shirts like these anywhere else.

Garment washing is a unique, time-consuming process that’s traditionally been limited to brands that produce bulk off-the-rack shirts. We’re the first to offer these incredible washed shirts fully custom.

Premium Indigo Fabrics → Cut In Your Custom Size → Garment Washed Premium Indigo Fabrics → Cut In Your Custom Size → Garment Washed

As always, ➀ we start by sourcing the best Italian and Japanese raw indigo fabrics. These limited edition shirt orders are open for one week (only) to reach the quantities needed.

Each shirt is ➁ cut and sewn in your custom size and comes with our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Your shirt is ➂ garment washed for a beautiful and unique fade, and delivered to your door.

“The gold standard of denim shirts. Substantial fabric and super soft.”

Will B. in Denver

Premium Fabrics from Japan & Italy

We source our fabrics from the indigo specialists at renowned Italian mills Albiate and Canclini and a small mill in Japan that weaves all of their fabrics on vintage selvage shuttle looms.

Custom Indigo Shirts

Faded Detailing

Because these shirts are garment washed after they’re sewn, they develop a beautiful authentic fade around the seams.

Versatile Design

From relaxed workwear to sleek sophistication, these shirts take casual dressing to new heights of versatility.

Custom Indigo Shirts

Soft Collars & Cuffs

Design your denim shirts with any of our soft, unfused collar, cuff, and placket styles for relaxed detailing that's essential for a casual washed indigo aesthetic.

Your Custom Fit

It wouldn't be the perfect shirt without your perfect fit. From body measurements to posture adjustments and watch allowances, our washed indigo shirts are made just for you.

Note: these limited edition shirts are no longer available for ordering.

Due to the unique processes involved in producing garment washed shirts, they will not be delivered according to our normal shipping schedule. US & Canadian customers should expect delivery Aug 12-17, 2021.

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