Soft. Light. Stunning.
Flannels designed in New York and woven in Japan.

Japanese Satoyama Custom Shirts

Eye-catching patterns, perfectly faded colorways, and lightweight, three-season softness give our Satoyama flannels a special casual appeal all their own.

“This is one of the top prizes on this site. A beautiful flannel, excellent pattern, can be styled in different ways and look great.”

Jeff in NY

“My favorite shirt — more of this fabric please. Wonderful weight, washes well, looks amazing, great patterns.”

Christian in VT

“Awesome shirt. Super soft and not heavy at all but still is warm.”

Mike in NJ

Behind the Fabric

We’ve worked closely with a small mill in Japan for a number of years to create this collection of unique plaids.

We design and develop the plaid patterns in NYC, and they’re woven, dyed, and finished in Japan.

The beautiful melange look of the colors is the result of a process called “top dyeing.”

A vintage, slow-moving Rapier loom puts less tension on the cotton threads and allows for the development of a soft texture that cannot be achieved with today’s advanced machines.

Very little treatment is used in the finishing of the fabric, as we want to maintain the soft, natural feel of the organic cotton.

Meet the Collection