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The Home Try-On (HTO) Kit allows you to create a custom size from the comfort of your home, by trying on two standard-size garments and discussing how they fit with one of our fit specialists.

How it Works

  1. Choose Two Sizes Select the two sizes you expect will fit you best. For example, if you typically wear a size 32 chino, but occasionally a 32 is too tight, order the Chino HTO Kit in size 32 and 34. Place your order and your kit will arrive in a few days.

  2. Meet With Us Virtually Meet with one of our fit specialists via video call. You’ll try on the garments, discussing where each of them fits perfectly, where they’re too loose, too tight, etc. While on the call, a custom size will be created in your account.

  3. Return Your HTO Kit Simply repack the garments in the packaging they arrived in, seal the box, affix the included return shipping label, and send them back to us. As soon as we receive your HTO Kit, your deposit will be refunded.

  4. Perfect Fitting Clothing Now that your custom size is created, order any of our styles in your personal fit. And once you receive your first custom-made product, you’re still eligible for complimentary alterations or remakes to dial in the fit further.

FAQs —

How much does the Home Try-On Kit cost?

The HTO Kit is free, however a deposit is required at the time of order. As soon as you return your HTO kit, this deposit will be refunded to you. Shipping and return shipping of the HTO kit are also free of charge.

Where is Home Try-On available?

Home Try-On is currently available for customers in the United States and Canada only, not including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

What happens if I don’t love the custom clothing I order?

Regardless of how you create your custom size, we offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee and will remake your first order completely free of charge with the adjustments required. Additionally, our return policy allows for anything to be returned within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

How do I return my try-on garments?

Included in your HTO kit will be a USPS return shipping label that you can use to send the kit back to us. When you’re done trying on the garments, simply repack them in the original box they arrived in, reseal the box, and mail them back via USPS.

How long can I keep the HTO Kit?

We ask that the HTO kit be returned within 3 weeks of receipt. Late returns are subject to partial refund of the deposit.

Can I simply keep or wear my HTO garment if it fits perfectly?

The HTO garments are designed for evaluating fit only. Please avoid wearing them outside, or performing any activity that could cause damage to or wear on the garments. Note that the large embroidered size number on the outside of each garment makes them unsuitable for events or normal use.

Should I wash my HTO Kit before trying it on? Or before returning it?

All HTO garments are professionally cleaned before they’re sent to you. Please do not wash them or try to clean them in any way before or after you try them on.