7 Reasons Guys Love Proper Cloth Shirts

By Ian King — April 24, 2019

There seem to be hundreds of new men’s apparel companies popping up each month, but one brand consistently generates buzz among professional men.

We dug deeper to find out why so many guys seem to be switching to Proper Cloth for their shirts.

  1. Custom Fit Shirts

    Custom fit shirts just look better.

    Proper Cloth specializes in custom fit dress shirts. Each shirt is made to your unique dimensions. With custom fit, your shirts can fit perfectly at the collar and sleeve length without being too blousy around the midsection. A better fitting shirt is ALWAYS a better looking shirt!

  2. Proper Cloth Technology

    They use technology to make everything easy.

    Their powerful Smart Sizes algorithm creates your first custom size in seconds and all of your info is saved online so you can easily modify things later. You can also save style preferences and favorite fabrics in your account. Shirts are made and delivered in just 1-2 weeks!

  3. Highest Rated Shirtmaker

    They’re the highest-rated custom shirtmaker in the world.

    With over 500 5-star reviews on Yelp and 800 5-star reviews on Google, Proper Cloth is so far ahead of their competition it’s almost absurd. Even GQ calls them “Our Favorite Online Custom Shirtmaker”. No other shirtmaker even comes close.

  4. Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Their Perfect Fit Guarantee is amazing.

    Proper Cloth totally understands that buying custom shirts online can be tricky and there’s a small chance you won’t get a perfect fit on your first try. They’ll gladly alter or remake your first shirt in a new size, fabric or style at no extra charge. And if you’re still not satisfied? They’ll remake it again.

  5. Proper Cloth Fabrics

    They have the world’s best fabrics.

    Proper Cloth’s design team works directly with the world’s greatest mills in Italy, Portugal, Japan, and China to custom make their fabrics. With over 600 fabrics to choose from, and new styles added every week, Proper Cloth has great options for everyone at a range of price points.

  6. Seph Serritt, Founder

    They were started by an MIT Engineer.

    Proper Cloth was started by Seph Skerritt in 2008, shortly after he graduated from MIT. Seph believed that data, technology and on-demand manufacturing could be used to create a new kind of clothing company, where clothes are made to order and always fit perfectly!

  7. Design a Custom Shirt

    You can design your own shirt.

    Specify the exact shirt design you want with their innovative Design-a-Shirt tool. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, 28 collar styles and 12 cuff styles. See a preview of your shirt in real time. Finish it off with your choice of pockets, buttons, fabric accents, and even a monogram.