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Soft Roma Cutaway Collar

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Our Take

The unfused version of our versatile, tall, Italian-style cutaway collar. The soft construction gives the collar a bit more flexibility—perfect for nailing that relaxed Italian look with or without a jacket. It’s designed to have a higher collar band, so it’ll look especially great for those with longer necks.

Historical Relevance

Back before the 1950’s all collars used unfused contraction. Once the crisp collars you know and love today became the norm, unfused contraction was left to smaller artisans on Jermyn St. in London and a few manufacturers like Finamore and Barba in Naples. These are the lighter type similar to those produced by the Italians, rather than the more sturdy versions you'll find in England.

Exact Specifications

3 5/8’’ collar points, 6 5/8’ spread, 1 7/16’’ front collar band height, 1 9/16’’ rear collar band height, 1/4’’ tie space, soft unfused interlining, removable collar stays.