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President Cutaway Collar

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Our most aggressive spread, this cutaway goes way back. This is not the collar for everyone, and depending on your personality and workplace it may not be appropriately formal. The President Cutaway certainly takes a man with some sprezzy confidence to pull off. When tied with a small or medium tie knot, you‘ll still be able to see part of the collar band beneath the tie. Beckham would do it. Clooney wouldn‘t. Looks great between jacket and suit lapels. As of June 25th, 2021, this collar has undergone some updates: We re-engineered the shape (while maintaining the original dimensions); sourced new interlinings; and improved its construction, all in service of giving it better collar leaf roll, reducing the possibility of front placket bump, and allowing it to sit in a better position around the neck.


3 7/16" collar points, 6 3/8" spread, 1 1/4" front collar band height, 1 1/2" rear collar band height, 1/4" tie space, stiff fused interlining, removable collar stays.