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President Button Down Collar

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Our classic button down collar. Fused for a crisp, business-appropriate appearance, we’ve made the collar band a bit stiffer so that it stands up nicely when worn open without a tie. This is a slightly more modern take on the button down that works well for guys who want something stylish but still classic enough for any business setting. As of July 14th, 2021, this collar has undergone some updates: We re-engineered the shape (while maintaining the original dimensions); sourced new interlinings; and improved its construction, all in service of giving it better collar leaf roll, reducing the possibility of front placket bump, and allowing it to sit in a better position around the neck.


3 1/4" collar points, 3 1/2" spread, 1 1/4" front collar band height, 1 1/2" rear collar band height, 1/4" tie space, stiff fused interlining, no collar stays, small buttons on the collar points.