The Oxford Shirt.

Hardy, refined, and incredibly durable.

A cornerstone of American style.

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Originally developed in Scotland and subsequently named for the prestigious Oxford University in England, it wasn't until Brooks Brothers created their button down "polo collar” shirts that the oxford shirt became an American wardrobe staple.

By the 1960s, these hard-wearing shirts had become the de facto uniform on Ivy League campuses. And despite its blue-blooded pedigree, the oxford shirt is decidedly democratic in its adoption.

Incredible Versatility

Miles Davis, Cary Grant, JFK, Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli, and Andy Warhol are just a few notable fans of the oxford cloth button down (OCBD in industry-speak).

It looks great in just about any situation and mixed into any style. Wear it rumpled with jeans, pressed with a jacket and tie, untucked with chinos and sneakers—there’s no end to its chameleon-like abilities. And the subtly textured and durable fabric only gets better the more you wear and wash it.

Collar Roll &
Soft Details

Soft (unfused) details help maintain the easygoing vibe of an oxford shirt. A traditional oxford shirt will almost always have a soft button down collar, soft front placket, and soft one-button cuff. We designed our Soft Ivy Button Down Collar and Wide Front Placket to add that classic bit of personality the oxford shirt is known for. And while the original OCBD design is iconic, you can tweak it however you like to match your personal style.

Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt Oxford Shirt with Locker Loop
Oxford Shirt Hallmarks
  • Soft Ivy Button Down Collar · for the classic roll
  • Locker Loop Box Pleat · for traditional style + convenience (Learn How)
  • Rounded Pocket · for function + old-school style
  • Wide Front Placket · for a conservative look

Custom Fit Oxfords

Historically, oxford shirts have been made with a more "generous," boxy cut favored by the traditional American brands of old. More room to move is appealing to many, but these days lots of guys like their oxfords with a tailored fit. We allow you to increase or decrease any of the dimensions of your saved size for a custom oxford that fits just the way you like it.

Beyond the Basics

In the golden age of oxford shirts you would really only find white, light blue, a few pastel colors, and a handful of basic stripes. These days there are some incredible riffs on the classic weave. Dark saturated colors, subtle melange styles, and dynamic stripes are perfect for those who love their OCBDs but want to try something different.

Heavy Duty Fabrics

Heavy Oxfords

Heavy Oxfords — When you're looking for a classic weight and texture. A great workhorse with a 40/1 x 21/2 construction.


Supima — A slightly heavier oxford using a premium American pima cotton. Made with a 80/2 x 21/2 construction.

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason — Made with a special 80/2 x 38/3 oxford construction. An effortless fabric that is more refined and easy to dress up.

The Oxford Collection

Start with our pre-designed oxfords in your custom size.
Customize any shirt to your liking.

The Heavy Classics
Washed & Piece-Dyed Cotton New
American Pima Cotton
Thomas Mason Oxfords