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Straight Point Collar

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Our Take

Perfect for medium to small tie knots and about as conservative as it gets. Better with a tie than open, the narrower points have a visually slimming effect, which works well for rounder faces or wide necks.

Historical Relevance

The Straight Point has the narrowest spread among any collars out there, and has been around as long as men have been wearing coats and ties—think pre-Ivy Style Ivy League. According to Allen Fusser, this collar style embodies the least number of associations to it, thus tells the least about the man wearing it.

Exact Specifications

2 3/4" collar points, 3 1/4" spread, 1" front collar band height, 1 3/8" rear collar band height, 3/8" tie space, medium weight fused interlining, removable collar stays.