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How to Choose a Proper Cloth Jacket Size

How to Choose Your Jacket Size If you’re used to buying a men’s suit or sport coat from a US retailer, you’ll know that your suit jacket size should roughly translate to your chest circumference as … Read

Advanced Tips for Tailored Jacket Fit

When it comes to the fit of your jacket, the solutions to some common issues are tough to identify. Here’s what our experts say you should keep in mind when you’re modifying the fit of your … Read

Having a Garment Altered by Your Tailor

Not all changes require a full remake. If the adjustments to your jacket or pants sizes are minor, it may make more sense to have them altered locally by a tailor, which we’re happy to reimburse with … Read

How to Clean & Care for Tailored Clothing

Tailored clothing items include classic office staples, relaxed dress pieces, and formal attire. All of these garments should be cared for appropriately to ensure they stand the test of time. Professional Cleaning Only Dry cleaning is … Read

Wool Suiting Fabric Basics

Wool is the most common natural fiber used for tailored suits, jackets, and trousers. The natural properties of wool, such as its durability, breathability, odor resistance, and wrinkle resistance, make it an ideal choice for tailored … Read

Special Requests for New Design Options

Proper Cloth provides a wide range of custom design options for our shirts, pants, jackets and suits. Virtually any shirt, pant, or tailored jacket on the site can be modified both in terms of size and … Read

How to Request a Tailored Clothing Remake

Getting the Perfect Fit We are dedicated to helping you get the perfect Tailored Clothing fit, and to support that we provide each customer up to two complimentary jacket remakes and up to two complimentary dress … Read

High-Quality Tailored Clothing

When choosing a suit, sport coat, or trousers, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality garment. There are several details that will help you identify a well-made tailored garment that will stand the test … Read

How Jacket Posture Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Laying flush against your neck When standing upright with your arms at rest, the perfect jacket Posture allows for the jacket collar to rest comfortably on your neck. There should not be … Read

Jacket Button Stance Options

Button stance measures the placement of the buttons on the front of a jacket. The Standard placement should work well for most people, but it can be changed relative to your preferences or torso length if … Read

How Jacket Sleeve Opening Width Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Slight taper from elbow to cuff When standing upright with your arms at rest, the jacket sleeves should be slim enough to look fitted at the wrist, or Sleeve Opening Width, but … Read

How Jacket Shoulder Slope Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Resting flat along neck and shoulders A proper Shoulder Slope should match the natural angle of your shoulders. Whether you have broad, squared, rounded, or sloped shoulders, Proper Cloth offers six Shoulder … Read

How Jacket Bicep Width Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Close to the biceps, tapering slightly to the cuff When standing upright with your arms at rest, the jacket sleeves should hug your biceps, but not so tight as to cause creasing, … Read

How Jacket Center Back Length Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Covering the seat The perfect jacket Center Back Length should cover your rear and end at the base of your seat for a stylish, universally appropriate look. For a more modern look, … Read