Garment Construction (16)

The President Collar Series, Updated

Our President Collar Series is a group of collars that features versatile shapes and universally flattering proportions. We designed these collars to be both modern and timeless, with premium construction techniques and materials that will last … Read

High-Quality Tailored Clothing

When choosing a suit, sport coat, or trousers, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality garment. There are several details that will help you identify a well-made tailored garment that will stand the test … Read

Number of Buttons on Shirt Front

The number of buttons on the front of your shirt is a function of the Top Button Placement, the Back Length, and your Posture setting. Generally speaking, longer shirts or shirts with a higher button placement will … Read

Shirts: Top Button Placement

Proper Cloth offers the ability to adjust how high or low you’d like the first button below the shirt collar to be placed, but it may not be obvious why you would like to adjust this part … Read

Soft Collars

While crisp, fused collars have dominated the landscape over the last 70 or so years, all collars used to be made using unfused construction before the 1950s. Some of the best shirtmakers in the world have … Read

High Quality Dress Shirts

How can you tell a high quality dress shirt?  Luckily, what distinguishes a high quality dress shirt, is more than just black magic and flashy marketing. There are a few things you can look for. These … Read

The Perfect Dress Shirt

What makes the perfect dress shirt? A careful combination of premium materials, high quality construction, design and fit. Here we break down some pointers. Stiff, fused spread collar Collars can be constructed using either a fused … Read

Dress Shirt Buttons: Plastic vs. Mother of Pearl

Plastic Buttons Our Roma Plastic buttons are the default option for most custom shirts and for good reason– they’re specially developed to withstand chipping and exposure to high heat. While they may not have the natural … Read

Made to Measure Dress Shirts

This article will try to help you really understand the term “Made to Measure,” also referred to as “MTM” or “M2M.” We’re not discussing suits. We’re focusing on shirts and we’re focusing on how made to … Read

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