Dress Shirt Buttons: Plastic vs. Mother of Pearl


Standard White Resin Buttons

Our standard buttons are great. Made from a high quality plastic resin, these are incredibly resistant to cracking.  The material is a whiter color than the golden hue of a mother of pearl button.  While these plastic resin buttons will not crack, over a long time (+30 washes) the plastic can become degraded by the combination of intense chemical cleaners and high-heat dryers. 7/16″ in diameter.

Roma Plastic Resin Button

A beautiful mottled plastic button in a smaller width than our Standard White Resin Buttons. Made from a high quality plastic resin, these are incredibly resistant to cracking. The material is in between the pure white color of our Standard Buttons and the golden hue of our Mother of Pearl buttons. 3/8″ in diameter.

Standard Mother of Pearl Buttons

Mother of Pearl buttons are a classic detail favorited by high-quality shirt makers. Made from the inner layer of pearl oysters (also called nacre), they have a little more depth of color than plastic resin buttons do. These buttons can have a tendency to crack, but usually only do this with particularly brutal dry cleaners. They do not dissolve after repeated washes like resin plastic buttons can. 7/16″ in diameter, 2.8mm in thickness.

Tall Mother of Pearl Buttons

The most premium button choice we offer. It’s a thicker version of our popular Mother of Pearl buttons–this style was popularized by luxury Italian shirtmakers like Luigi Borrelli. These will be more resistant to cracking than our standard Mother of Pearl button and also have a slightly more flat shape. 7/16″ in diameter, 4mm in thickness.

Australian Mother of Pearl Buttons

Our Australian Mother of Pearl buttons are a beautiful finishing touch for a high quality custom shirt. Measuring at 3.7mm tall, these thick buttons are not quite as thick as our Tall Mother of Pearl option, but definitely thicker than the standard MOP.  They have a slightly more mottled, iridescent shine than our other Mother of Pearl offerings and have a slightly smaller diameter for a more sartorial look. 3/8″ in diameter.

Black Plastic Resin Buttons

Made from a dark, smokey, black plastic resin, these buttons go particularly well with black shirt designs. They are durable just like our white plastic resin buttons, and may begin to dissolve after repeated washing like those buttons, as well. 7/16″ in diameter.

Horn Buttons

Most popular in tailored clothing, horn buttons can also be a great, sporty choice for shirting. While some horn buttons are made from real deer antler or buffalo horn, we use a very durable faux-horn alternative with the same look and feel. They have a variety of brown tones from light tan to dark brown. 7/16″ in diameter.

Slate Horn Buttons

An updated take on the horn button, this one is a particularly unique slate blue color that pairs well with dark, casual fabrics. Made from a very durable faux-horn alternative, the slate horn buttons have a variety of color tones from slate to navy blue, and are the perfect finishing touch for shirts with indigo undertones. 7/16″ in diameter.

Gray Horn Buttons

Another spin on the classic horn button, this one’s charcoal color pairs well with gray-based, casual shirt fabrics. Made from durable faux-horn plastic, our gray horn buttons have a variety of color tones from light gray, to charcoal, all the way to black. A perfect alternative when our black plastic button is a little too dark and shiny. 7/16″ in diameter.

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