How Does Proper Cloth Ensure Precision in Custom Clothing?

Producing custom clothing for thousands of customers quickly and efficiently is no small task. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure your garments are produced perfectly in every way, every time. 

  1. All of your order information is processed and handled completely digitally. We don’t use any paper forms, phone calls, fax machines, hand-written notes, or any other human-factor communication method to process your order. This level of digital integration is rare, difficult to create, and critical for avoiding mistakes or misunderstandings, and it provides you with the perfect product every time. 
  2. On the factory floor, all of our custom shirts, tailored clothing, and casual pants are digitally patterned. Avoiding hand-drawn paper patterns and human decisions when developing a pattern enables us to ensure a consistent pattern every time. 
  3. In most cases we use a robotic cutter to cut the shirt components from our fabric. Robotic cutting is fast and efficient, and more importantly, further removes the chance for human error.  
  4. Our custom products are then hand-sewn (using sewing machines) by experienced sewers. Our sewing lines are completely optimized for custom clothing and our sewers are some of the best in the business. 
  5. Finally, every shirt, suit, trouser, and casual pant goes through a rigorous quality-control process to ensure that it is sewn beautifully, has the right design details, and has the correct finished dimensions