Tips for Wearing a Face Mask with Hearing Aids

If you have hearing aids, you’re no stranger to the problems posed by face masks since the advent of COVID-19. The elastic bands of most masks interfere with behind-the-ear hearing aid placement, making them especially uncomfortable and inconvenient. The following … Continue reading

Custom Shirt Button and Snap Options

Standard White Resin Buttons Our standard buttons are great. Made from a high quality plastic resin, these are incredibly resistant to cracking.  The material is a whiter color than the golden hue of a mother of pearl button.  While these … Continue reading

Proper Cloth Custom Washed Indigo Shirts

In 2015, Proper Cloth became the first menswear brand to offer custom Washed Indigo shirts. Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions we get about them. What is Washed Indigo? Washed indigo shirts go through a unique garment … Continue reading

Requesting Casual Pant Alterations

How to Request Casual Pant Alterations from Proper Cloth Getting a perfect fitting pair of casual pants on the first try is not always possible.  For many people this will require a round of alterations.  Some aspects of how pants … Continue reading

Body Measurements vs. Shirt Dimensions

Body measurements and the shirt dimensions stored in your Proper Cloth account are quite different. Chest Width, Midsection Width, Bottom Width, and Sleeve Width are all taken from a shirt laying flat on a surface. Thus, multiplying them by 2 … Continue reading

What are 5-Pocket Pants?

The 5-pocket pant traces its origins back to the 1800s, when its functional design and reinforced construction made Levi Strauss a household name. They’re the pants you think of when you think of your favorite jeans—casual, practical, and crafted with … Continue reading

High-Quality Tailored Clothing

When choosing a suit, sport coat, or trousers, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality garment. There are several details that will help you identify a well-made tailored garment that will stand the test of trend and time. … Continue reading

Mask Filters and Filter Replacements

There are different versions of our Everyday Mask, most of which have removable filters. For more information on the specifications of each version, visit this page.  Performance Masks – Sewn-In Filters Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric of … Continue reading