Garment Design (25)

The Difference Between Size Profiles and Style

Size must be selected for any custom product before it can be added to your cart. The style, however, will reflect the photograph of the shirt, pant, jacket, or suit in the product description unless explicitly modified before adding it … Read

How to Customize the Style of a Garment

Click ‘Customize’ to change the style of a custom shirt, jacket, or pant The ‘Shop’ gallery features a variety of custom garments and stocked products that Proper Cloth offers. For custom-made garments like shirts, pants, and … Read

The President Collar Series, Updated

Our President Collar Series is a group of collars that features versatile shapes and universally flattering proportions. We designed these collars to be both modern and timeless, with premium construction techniques and materials that will last … Read

Dress Shirt Collar Styles

All Proper Cloth Collar Styles Choosing a collar style can be difficult if you’re not aware of your options. In this post, we break down all of the collar styles you might encounter on a dress … Read

Special Requests for New Design Options

Proper Cloth provides a wide range of custom design options for our shirts, pants, jackets and suits. Virtually any shirt, pant, or tailored jacket on the site can be modified both in terms of size and … Read

Short Sleeve Design Options

We offer a few different short sleeve design options: (Plain) Short Sleeve, Cuffed Short Sleeve, and Polo Short Sleeve. Each design option has particular use cases you might consider when designing your short sleeve shirt. (Plain) … Read

Proper Cloth Jogger Pants: Style & Design

Sporty, relaxed, and effortless. Our custom jogger pants feature premium construction and design details that strike the perfect balance between leisurely and smart. Choose between our Ludlow joggers, which are made from any of our classic … Read

Custom Shirt Button and Snap Options

Standard White Resin Buttons Our standard buttons are great. Made from a high quality plastic resin, these are incredibly resistant to cracking.  The material is a whiter color than the golden hue of a mother of … Read

Dress Shirt Hem Types

The shirt hem, often defined by its shape, is the bottom end of the shirt, which is folded and hemmed to create a finished edge on the garment. Proper Cloth has three types of hem to choose … Read

Knit Shirt Front Placket Options

The addition of knit fabric options for custom shirts also introduces new front placket design options exclusive to these casual, stretchy fabrics. One Button Polo Front A timeless One Button Polo Front style. For those who … Read

Dress Shirt Monogram Styles

A monogram is a great way to personalize your custom dress shirt. Add your initials—or a special date or nickname—in a bold or complimentary color to emphasize your style and set your shirt apart. We offer … Read

How do I add a pocket to my shirt?

Adding a Pocket to a Pre-Designed Shirt The ‘Shop Gallery‘ features shirts that Proper Cloth has designed, produced, and photographed to simplify the ordering process. To add a pocket to one of the pre-designed Shop Gallery … Read

Dress Shirts – Darts

What Are Darts? Darts are two seams sewn into the back of a shirt that together remove a total of 1.5” of fabric. Each dart takes out .75” at its widest point. Darts start just below … Read

Shirts: Top Button Placement

Proper Cloth offers the ability to adjust how high or low you’d like the first button below the shirt collar to be placed, but it may not be obvious why you would like to adjust this part … Read

Pocket Styles

Proper Cloth has a range of pocket styles to choose from for both business and casual looks. All pockets are placed such that the inside edge of the pocket is 2 1/8″ from the center of … Read

Cuff Design Options: Dress Shirts

Proper Cloth has a range of cuff options to choose from: one button, two button, French cuffs, casual unfused cuffs, etc. Details on each cuff style available are listed below. One Button Barrel Cuff Our standard … Read

President Button Down vs Soft Ivy vs Colorado BD

Differences between the President, Soft Ivy, and Colorado Button Down Collars The Soft Ivy Button Down and President Button Down are taller button down collar styles. They both have some “roll” to them, that trademark bowing … Read

Button Down Collars

History Invented by Brooks Brothers in 1896, the button-down collar features buttons that fasten the collar points of the shirt. It was originally used on sport shirts rather than dress shirts. While button-down collars are occasionally … Read