Dress Shirt Monogram Styles

A monogram is a great way to personalize your custom dress shirt. Add your initials—or a special date or nickname—in a bold or complimentary color to emphasize your style and set your shirt apart. We offer a variety of monogram styles, up to five characters, that can be applied to your custom shirts.

How to Add a Monogram

From the Design-A-Shirt tool, monograms can be added to any custom shirt by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Style tab of Design-A-Shirt
  2. ClickMonogram”
  3. Enter your initials or desired monogram characters
  4. Choose a font style
  5. Choose a thread color
  6. Choose where to place the monogram on your custom shirt
How to add a monogram in the Design-a-Shirt tool

Monogram Font Styles

Block – A clean, modern font with minimal detail. As simple as it gets.

Block Font Monogram Style

Serif – The Serif option has a little more character, though it’s still easy to read.

Serif Font Monogram Style

Script – The most decorative option, Script is a nice touch for formal shirts.

Script Font Monogram Style

Numbers and Special Characters

Numbers 0 through 9 and many special characters are included in the monogram options we offer. As with letters, numbers and special characters will be applied in your chosen font and thread color.

The special characters available are as follows: . , / & @ # $ ? ` ~ ! % ^ * ( ) – _ = + ” ‘ ; : .

Monogram Placement Options

Monograms can be applied to one of six different places on custom dress shirts.

  • Back Inside of Collar – A discreet placement option. The monogram will be placed on the center of the inside of the back of the collar band.
  • Left Breast/Pocket – For shirts with a pocket style selected, the monogram will be applied to the center of the top hem of the pocket. For shirts without a pocket, the monogram will be applied to the same spot on the left chest, about level with the 2nd button below the collar.
  • Left Stomach – Similar to the Left Breast/Pocket monogram, the Left Stomach option is applied to the center of the left side of the torso, just lower. This option will be level with the 4th button below the collar.
  • Right/Left Center Cuff One of the most popular monogram placement options for business dress shirts, this places the monogram right over the face of one’s watch. While we recommend opting for the watch-side cuff (if applicable), or non-dominant wrist, the choice is yours.
  • Left Shirt Tail – Another discreet monogram option, this places the monogram just 2″ above the bottom hem on the front of the left side of the shirt, ensuring the monogram will be completely hidden when wearing your shirt is tucked in.

Shirt Monogram Placements

Monogram Dimensions

All monograms are approximately 6mm tall. Letter and number widths vary depending on the font: Block letters and numbers measure approximately 6mm wide, Serif letters and numbers measure approximately 6mm wide, and Script letters and numbers measure approximately 8mm wide. The size of each special character appears relative to the numbers and letters. As such, the period and comma are each 1mm and 2mm in size, respectively, the ampersand is approximately 6mm tall and 7mm wide, and so on. Monogram length varies according to the number of characters chosen.

Monogram Restrictions

Based on the design of the shirt, some monogram placement options may not be available. For example, Left/Right Center Cuff placement cannot be applied to short sleeve shirts. Additionally, certain chest monogram options are disabled based on the Front design detail chosen. The Pleated Tuxedo Front will disable the Left Breast/Pocket, Left Stomach, and Left Shirt Tail monogram placement options, while the Piqué Bib Tuxedo Front will disable the Left Breast/Pocket and Left Stomach but still allow the shirt tail placement, as it falls below the bib.