Special Requests for New Design Options

Proper Cloth provides a wide range of custom design options for our shirts, pants, jackets and suits. Virtually any shirt, pant, or tailored jacket on the site can be modified both in terms of size and its design elements.

Click here to learn how to customize our shirts, pants, jackets, and suits and see a list of the areas of customization for each product type.

We Cannot Customize Product Designs Beyond the Options Displayed

While we offer a wide range of customization options for our shirts, pants, jackets, and suits, we do not provide a limitless amount.

Clicking on ‘Customize’ next to a photographed garment will display all of the areas in which the design can be modified. However, garments cannot be modified beyond the specifications displayed in our customization interfaces.

If the design option is not present in our customization interface, we do not offer it and cannot do so by special request.

Providing Suggestions

If you’d like to send us new style suggestions, we’re happy to take them into consideration. Who knows, maybe if enough folks demand the “Pat Riley while coaching the 1987 Lakers” collar, we’ll give it a shot. 

Contact Us here to send in your suggestions. 

Custom Design Options for Shirts, Pants, Jackets


Casual pants:

Dress pants: