Short Sleeve Design Options

We offer a few different short sleeve design options: (Plain) Short Sleeve, Cuffed Short Sleeve, and Polo Short Sleeve. Each design option has particular use cases you might consider when designing your short sleeve shirt.

(Plain) Short Sleeve

A clean, classic short sleeve finished with a 1” hem. Easy to roll up if you prefer an extra-short look.

The Plain Short Sleeve

Cuffed Short Sleeve

A short sleeve option with a 1 1/8” cuffed hem. It gives a short sleeve shirt a particularly relaxed look.

The Cuffed Short Sleeve

Polo Cuff Short Sleeve

This short sleeve option is only available for knit fabrics. The Polo Cuff has a 7/8” hem that gives your shirt a classic polo shirt look. Choosing the Polo Cuff option will make the Short Sleeve Opening Width measure 0.70” narrower than the specified Short Sleeve Opening Width in your size profile.