How to Achieve the Perfect Polo Shirt Fit

The Proper Cloth Custom Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt Fit: Relaxed and Not Too Slim

Since polo shirts will fit differently from your typical dress shirts, we recommend you adjust your usual shirt size and save a separate size specifically for polo shirts

Polo shirts are made from stretchy knit fabrics and look best with a little more ease in the fit than woven dress shirts. The relationship between the Midsection and Bottom Widths of your polo shirt is the most important factor in achieving the perfect polo fit. The Midsection shouldn’t be too much smaller than the Bottom Width in order to avoid creating a bell-shaped, curved silhouette. This is particularly important for a polo shirt you intend to wear untucked. Since this shirt is meant to be worn casually, it should not hug your torso like a slim fit dress shirt. If you’ve already perfected your Camp shirt size, you can base the Midsection and Bottom Widths of your polo shirt size off of this; they should fit slightly slimmer than the Midsection and Bottom Widths of your Camp shirt

Slimmer Short Sleeves

The sleeves of a short sleeve polo shirt should be a bit slimmer than those of your usual untucked short sleeve shirt. They should hug the bicep a little more closely for a more athletic look. If you choose the Polo Cuff option for your short sleeve Polo Shirt sleeve design, it will automatically make the Short Sleeve Opening Width measure 0.7” narrower than the specified Short Sleeve Opening Width in your size profile. This gives the end of the short sleeve a closer fit and the recognizable ‘cinching’ of traditional polo shirt short sleeves.

Polo Hem: Adds 1″ to Shirt Back Length

The Polo Hem features a straight front hem, as well as a straight back hem that is 1″ longer. Simply put, if your saved size features a 30” Shirt Back Length, your Polo Hem design shirt would measure 31” in the Shirt Back Length.