Casual Wear (10)

Proper Cloth Casual Pants: Types of Fit

Proper Cloth casual pant (chino, 5-pocket, jean, fatigue) fit options are based on both body type and style preferences. The type of fit you select will affect the room you have in the upper pant, as … Read

The Camp Shirt: History & Fit

The Camp shirt is an easy casual piece that’s made a comeback in recent years. It calls to mind the carefree style of icons like Ernest Hemingway and Sean Connery as James Bond circa Thunderball—men with … Read

The Aloha Shirt: History and Style

The origins of the Aloha shirt can be traced back to 1920s and early 1930s Hawaii. It was inspired by and first made out of Japanese work kimono fabrics, and took the name “Aloha” from the … Read

How to Order a Short Sleeve Shirt

To order a short sleeve shirt, you’ll first want to create a short sleeve shirt size in the Custom Sizes section of your account. You can use our handy tool for converting your long sleeve dress … Read

History of the Polo Shirt

The origins of the polo shirt adoption in the West can be traced back to India in the 1850s. British soldiers stationed in Manipur, India, witnessed polo players wearing long-sleeved, cotton knit shirts during their matches. … Read

How to Create a Custom Overshirt Size

Overshirts are meant to have a more casual and boxy fit than your business and formal dress shirts have. As such, we recommend you adjust your usual shirt size and save a separate size specifically for … Read

How to Achieve the Perfect Polo Shirt Fit

The Polo Shirt Fit: Relaxed and Not Too Slim Since polo shirts will fit differently from your typical dress shirts, we recommend you adjust your usual shirt size and save a separate size specifically for polo … Read

Proper Cloth Drawstring Shorts

  Our first-ever shorts feature an elastic drawstring waistband and three inseam lengths in sizes XXS (26) to 3XL (40).  The inseam measures the distance from the crotch point (where short or trouser legs meet) to … Read

Perfecting Your Straight Hem Shirt Size

We offer three hem shape options for your custom shirt design: the Rounded Hem, Straight Hem, and Polo Hem. The Straight Hem and Polo Hem are great options for casual shirts you intend to wear untucked, … Read