Soft Collars

soft roma cutaway collar image

Soft Roma Cutaway Collar

While crisp, fused collars have dominated the landscape over the last 70 or so years, all collars used to be made using unfused construction before the 1950s. Some of the best shirtmakers in the world have continued making unfused collars, with many British artisans making a heavier option while the Italians (Finamore, Borrelli, G. Inglese) have perfected the “soft collars” we have come to know and love today.

These lighter soft collars come in many shapes and size. Proper Cloth offers them in multiple spread and cutaway collar styles as well as two button-down designs. The pliable interlining used in these collars gives them a bit more flexibility when you wear them. This leads to a great expression in the collar that you can’t get as easily from a fused collar.

Since the shirting fabric isn’t fused to the interlining, this also leads to a bit of a natural wrinkle across the collar. While this may bother some, we embrace it as the more relaxed style the soft collar is built for. If you’re a first year analyst at a bank, you might want to steer clear. But if you have more flexibility in your day-to-day dress and want to nail that sprezzy look, than this is the style for you.