How to Request a Tailored Clothing Remake

Getting the Perfect Fit

We are dedicated to helping you get the perfect Tailored Clothing fit, and to support that we provide each customer up to two complimentary jacket remakes and up to two complimentary dress pant remakes, as well as credit for local tailoring. Click here to learn more about our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Requesting a Tailored Clothing Remake

Step 1: Wear Your New Garments

It’s important to try out your jacket or pants with the shoes, shirt, jacket, or pants you expect to wear them with. This will help determine if they have the right silhouette to match the rest of your wardrobe and if the pants are the right length where they meet your shoes.

Step 2: Request the Tailored Clothing Remake

There are several ways to request your Tailored Clothing remake: 

​​Option 1: Conduct Your Own Fit Assessment

If your tailored jacket and/or pants are close to the right fit and you’re confident you know what needs to change, you can conduct your own fit assessment and request a remake yourself without any assistance.

Request your remake by going to your Order History and clicking the button “Request a Remake” in the Tailored Clothing section of the page. Then follow the prompts to specify the size or style changes you want to make to either (or both) the jacket/pants, confirm your shipping address, and submit the remake request. 

Option 2: Request Fit Advice from Proper Cloth

If you’re not loving how the garment fits but aren’t sure of what needs to change, we are more than happy to assist!

Head to the Fit Advice Request section of your account to upload fit photos, along with comments about what you like and dislike about the fit.

After we review your photos and notes, we’ll respond to the Fit Advice Request with our size change recommendations saved to a new profile for your convenience. From there, our Customer Experience Team will guide you through the remake process.

Option 3: Schedule a Showroom Appointment (New York Only)

Another way to get fit advice and request a remake is to visit one of our physical locations in New York. Click here to schedule an in-person consultation. To make the most out of your in-person consultation we suggest:

  • Bring (or wear) the garments you purchased to your appointment. If you wear them, also bring some spare clothes to wear home so you can leave your purchased garments with us when you’re finished.
  • Wear the style of shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes you plan to wear with the outfit. 
  • If you have another jacket or pair of pants that you like the fit of better, bring it along.

At your in-person consultation, we will review your fit together and discuss what to change. You will also be able to try on other standard size jackets and pants we have in the showroom, or shop for other items entirely.

During or after your consultation is complete, your fit specialist will process your complimentary remake for you. 

Step 3: Return Your Tailored Clothing

After you’re finished evaluating the fit of your garments and your complimentary remake has been processed, we ask that you return your tailored clothing to one of our locations in New York (in person or via mail). To mail your garment back, you can reuse the original packaging. A return shipping label will have been included in your original delivery. If mailing the garments back, please send to this address:


Proper Cloth – Returns

495 Broadway, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10012


Having Your Tailored Clothing Altered Locally

Not all changes require a full remake. If the adjustments to your Tailored Clothing sizes are minor, it may make more sense to have them altered locally by a tailor, which we’re happy to reimburse with store credit. 

Dimensions That Can Be Altered by a Tailor

Alterations that could make sense to do with a local tailor include: 

  • Jackets
    • Shortening the sleeve length up to 0.5”
    • Lengthening the sleeve length up to 0.5”
    • Slimming the midsection up to 2
    • Moving the collar back up to 1”
  • Dress Pants
    • Widening the waist up to 1”
    • Slimming the waist up to 1”
    • Slimming the hips/seat up to 1”
    • Shortening the inseam up to 4”
    • Lengthening the inseam up to 1”
    • Slimming the pant leg up to 1”
    • Reducing the leg opening width up to 1.5”

Finding a Tailor and Completing Alterations

Having your garments altered locally is up to you. We don’t have specific tailors to recommend. If you don’t have a tailor that you trust, try searching online for one in your area with a good reputation. When you meet with them, you can usually tell them exactly what you want to change, or you can put the garments on with them and together determine what alterations make sense.

Important: Note the Size Changes

We strongly encourage you to take note of what changes your tailor makes to the garments so that you can update your saved sizes for future orders. Our support team is always happy to help update your profile for you.

A Potentially Faster Alternative

In some cases, having your garments altered locally can be faster than requesting a full remake. Check here for current delivery times for Tailored Clothing remakes (remakes have the same delivery times as new orders).

Requesting Tailoring Credit/Reimbursement

Once you’ve had the alterations done, email a photo of the receipt along with the Proper Cloth order number to We’re happy to reimburse (as store credit) up to $125 for a suit, $75 for a jacket, $50 for dress pants, and $30 for casual pants.