How Jacket Center Back Length Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Covering the seat

The perfect jacket Center Back Length should cover your rear and end at the base of your seat for a stylish, universally appropriate look. For a more modern look, a slightly shorter Center Back Length is acceptable. For a more traditional, classic look, the Center Back Length can end slightly below the seat. The goal is to create balanced proportions between the upper and lower halves of the body, and therefore between the jacket and trousers. For example, if your trousers have a significant break at the hem, your jacket will look better if it has a slightly longer Center Back Length.

Our rule of thumb holds that when standing upright with your arms relaxed at your sides, the jacket hem should hit mid-palm, or where the thumb meets the palm of the hand. To test if you have the appropriate length, try cupping the bottom of the jacket with your fingers.

suit from behind

An example of a good jacket Center Back Length.

Center Back Length Too Short: Sleeves are longer than the body of the jacket

One sign that the Center Back Length may be too short is if it does not reach your hands or is shorter than the jacket Sleeve Length. Even if the rest of the fit is correct, a noticeably short Center Back Length will make the overall fit appear as if it is too small.

Center Back Length Too Long: Falling past the hands or seat

An obvious sign that the Center Back Length is too long is if it falls past your hands or seat entirely. Even if the rest of the fit is correct, a Center Back Length that is too long will over-exaggerate your figure. The jacket will look sloppy, and it will appear that you’re wearing a jacket that doesn’t fit you. 

Local Tailoring: Can a tailor adjust my jacket Center Back Length?

The Center Back Length cannot be adjusted by a tailor, as there is not enough hem material for the jacket to be lengthened properly. In addition, shortening the jacket length can throw off the jacket’s overall balance by bringing the pockets and buttons too close to the bottom of the jacket, and shortening the length of the vent or vents.

If you need a second opinion on how to adjust your tailored jacket size for a better fit or would like to request a remake for more dramatic changes to the Center Back Length, we recommend submitting a Fit Advice Request to get custom size recommendations for a potential remake. 

More details on tailoring capabilities here.