How Jacket Sleeve Length Should Fit

How It Should Fit: Above your wrists, never past the heel of your palm

The Proper Cloth rule of thumb holds that a jacket sleeve should expose 0.25”- 0.50” of your dress shirt cuff for a stylish, universally appropriate look. If your personal style is more on the traditional or classic side or you’re wearing the jacket in a more conservative business setting, 0.125” or no shirt cuff at all is suitable. If your personal style or the setting is more fashionforward/trendy, 0.5”- 0.75” of shirt cuff is generally accepted. The jacket sleeve length should never pass the heel of your palm regardless of how much shirt cuff you choose to show.

good jacket sleeve length

Jacket sleeve showing about 0.5″ of shirt cuff. This is considered almost universally appropriate.

Generally speaking, showing .25”-.50” of your shirt cuff strikes the perfect balance between trendy and classic. A fair amount of exposed shirt cuff offers a contrast to the overall style without looking too bold.

jacket sleeve too short

Jacket sleeve too short, showing more than 1″ of shirt cuff.

With your arms relaxed at your sides, you should not see more than 1.00” of the shirt sleeve cuff. Fashionforward gentlemen who want to show more cuff can use the cuff buttons as a reference point. The jackets sleeves should be long enough to completely cover the buttons of the shirt cuff. 

jacket sleeve too long

Jacket sleeve too long, falling past the shirt cuff.

If the jacket sleeves cover your palms when your arms are relaxed at your sides, you will want to decrease the jacket sleeve length. Gentlemen who have a more classic style or want to show little to no cuff can use the end of the shirt sleeve as reference. The jacket sleeves should be either the same length as the shirt sleeve or 0.125” shorter.

Local Tailoring: Can a tailor adjust my jacket sleeve length?

Having a local tailor alter the sleeve length of your Proper Cloth jacket is simple. Our jacket sleeves can be increased by up to 0.75” or decreased by up to 0.5” by a local tailor. Because our garments come with functioning buttons on the sleeve, lengthening or decreasing the sleeves by any more than this is not recommended. For alterations requiring more dramatic changes to the fit, we recommend contacting the Customer Experience Team for assistance with a remake. More details on that here.

jacket vs shirt sleeve length measurement

Jacket Sleeve vs. Shirt Sleeve Length Measurement

Jacket Sleeve vs. Shirt Sleeve Measurements: Why are they different?

We take the jacket and shirt sleeve measurements from different parts of the garments. For this reason, your jacket’s sleeve length will be much shorter than your shirt’s sleeve length. The Jacket Sleeve Length is measured from the top of the sleeve, where the armhole meets the shoulder seam, down to the end of the jacket sleeveThe Shirt Sleeve Length is taken from the center back of the shoulder, at the base of the neck just under the shirt collar, extending to the shoulder seam and down the arm to the end of the sleeve cuff. Since the jacket sleeve measurement does not include the center back of the shoulder to end of shoulder, it will be always shorter than the shirt sleeve length measurement.

Different Sleeve Lengths: What if one of my arms is longer/shorter than the other?

If your arms are not the same length or your shoulders are a bit uneven, we can set two different sleeve lengths for your jacket size. 

how to tune jacket sleeve length

You can make your jacket sleeve lengths different in your account.

Simply click the Uniform button in your Saved Custom Jacket Size. This will display the expanded options and allow you to adjust right and left jacket sleeve lengths separately.