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Green and Blue Plaid Country Flannel


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Shirt Design Details

Soft Franklin Spread Collar

A casual spread collar of smaller proportions in a soft, unfused construction.

Soft Long One Button Cuff

The same shape as our long one button barrel, but without the stiff fusing. Soft, comfortable, and a good match for casual style shirts.

Soft Front Placket

Great for casual shirts. A soft, unfused front placket makes for a relaxed look.

Roma Buttons

A beautiful off-white faux mother-of-pearl button. Made from a high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

Green and Blue Plaid Country Flannel Fabric

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, and more by customizing this shirt.

Customer Reviews
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72 reviews. Average rating 4.74/5

Recommended by 97%.

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    Yes, would recommend this fabric

    Incredible flannel shirt. 100% recommended.

    James in Columbus, OH

  • Rating Breakdown

    • Color & Pattern
    • Performance

    Yes, would recommend this fabric

    real thick. Make sure to make this a little looser to layer up. Made mines wider in the shoulder, waist, hips, and arms by .25-.5. Made the shirt .5 longer and the sleeves .25 longer. Basically i made it into a shirt jac

    Alexander in La Mesa, CA

  • Rating Breakdown

    • Color & Pattern
    • Performance

    Yes, would recommend this fabric

    Please, I implore you, get yourself a work shirt in this fabric. I've been astounded by the rugged weight and soft feel of the fabric, and the plaid is perfect. Couldn't recommend more highly.

    Andrew in White Bear Lake, MN

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Fabric Description

The phrase "They don't make 'em like they used to" gets thrown around with clothing quite a bit. Flannel shirts of old were often woven super thick and heavy, ready to stand up to even the most demanding work. We love the vintage flannels with that super hearty weave, so we developed this one with just that in mind. Pulling on those beautiful shirts that only get better with age, this is definitely our thickest fabric to date. It's made using a very special 10/1 x 10/1 construction, as you need this incredibly thick, textured yarn to get the right look and feel. Definitely design the shirt with soft details all around--we like the Soft Franklin Spread collar, soft placket, and soft one-button cuff.

Fabric Details
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