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American Pima White Heavy Oxford


Shirt Style Details

Soft Roma Spread Collar Diagram

Soft Roma Spread Collar

A relaxed take on our tall spread collar with points that tuck under jacket lapels very well.

Soft Long One Button Cuff Diagram

Soft Long One Button Cuff

The same shape as our long one button barrel, but without the stiff fusing. Soft, comfortable, and a good match for casual style shirts.

No Placket Diagram

No Placket, No Pocket

The front of the shirt simply folds back on itself for a cleaner yet less structured look.

Roma Buttons Diagram

Roma Buttons

A beautiful off-white faux mother-of-pearl button. Made from a high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Buttons Roma Buttons i
    Roma Buttons Diagram

    A beautiful off-white faux mother-of-pearl button. Made from a high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Bottom Hem Rounded i

    A 2” curved front and back shirttail hem with reinforced side seam gussets.

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, chest pocket, and more by customizing this shirt.

Fabric Info

Fabric Description

An absolute essential. A white oxford cloth button down is the sport shirt that seems to work in any situation. Hardy and beautifully textured, oxford cloth only improves with age and wear. It's the sort of shirt you’ll have in your closet for years and it’ll never let you down—especially when it's made from a premium 2-ply American Pima cotton like this one is.

The perfect oxford cloth starts with the perfect cotton, and American Pima is one of the best types for oxfords due to its incredible durability and remarkable softness. It's a more matte cotton, which is exactly what you want in a more casual fabric like this. The 80/2 x 21/2 construction gives it the right amount of beef, and after a few washes it really softens up. Learn more about Oxford Shirts here.

Recommended Styling: We love the ’60s vibe of our Soft Ivy Button Down Collar on an oxford (it has just the right amount of collar roll), and we always pair it with a Soft Front placket and Soft One Button cuff. Try a Colorado BD for a more contemporary collar (read: smaller), or a Soft President Spread if you'd like a little more versatility.

Fabric Details

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