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Allen Navy Cotton and Linen Dress Pant

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Select the normal inseam length you would buy your dress pants in. The inseam length is the distance from the bottom of the crotch of the pants to the end of the leg opening.

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Extra Slim is our slimmest fit around the hips and thighs, with a distinct taper from the thigh down to a narrow leg opening. Suggested for guys that are either particularly skinny, or more average sized but want an aggressive slim fit.

Slim is our modern, office appropriate, most popular, slim fit. Slim but not tight with a taper to the leg opening. Suggested for average sized guys that want a clean modern look that’s not too tight.

Straight is similar to our Slim fit, but with less taper at the leg opening for a wider “boot cut”. Suggested for guys that want a relatively slim fit, but a leg opening that will cover more of their dress shoes, or fit over their boots.

Athletic is roomy in the seat and thighs, but tapered to the knee and leg opening. Designed for guys with larger thighs and buttocks relative to a smaller waist. If you’re an athlete that wants a modern slim fit, but “Slim Fit” pants are generally too tight around your legs, this is for you.

Classic is roomy in the seat and thigh with a leg that stays straight from the mid thigh down. Suggested for guys that want a more old-fashioned, roomy fit and a leg opening that will cover more of their shoe.

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Product Info

An easy trouser with fantastic versatility.

This versatile, breathable trouser looks just as good with a sport coat as it does with a colorful aloha shirt. Cut from premium Japanese cotton and linen blend canvas fabric, it has a subtly textured finish and is great for warmer climates and seasons. Think of it as an elevated alternative to your everyday chinos—pair it with casual pieces for a relaxed yet sophisticated look.

Wear it with Amalfi Blue Bengal Stripe Piqué shirt.

Design Features Shown: Angled Pockets, Belt Loops Waistband, Zipper Fly, Brown Horn.

  • Product ID TC-SP0016
  • Style Dress Trouser
  • Hem Style No Cuff
  • Waistband Belt Loops Waistband
  • Buttons Brown Horn
  • Fly Zipper Fly
  • Waist Closure Button Tab Closure
  • Pocket Style Angled Pockets
  • Front Style No Pleats
  • Product ID TC-SP0016
  • Fabric Japanese Navy Cotton and Linen Canvas
  • Fabric Mill Zentex
  • Weave Basketweave
  • Composition 65% Cotton · 35% Linen
  • Weight 280g
  • Opacity Rating 4 / 5 · Very Opaque
  • Wrinkle Resistance 2 / 5 · Wrinkle-Prone
  • Origin Japan
  • Care Dry Clean Only
Pants Garment Detail

Zipper Fly

Our pants use a zipper fly that's as functional as it is durable.

Plain Hem

A finished plain hem creates a clean look and features additional fabric for alterations.

Curtained Waistband

A curtained waistband helps to protect the internal sewing of the waistband and give the lining a beautiful appearance.

Flat Front

All of our pants come with a timeless flat front (unpleated) design that gives them a clean, stylish look.

Reviews (87)

4.66 / 5

87 reviews. Average rating 4.66/5

Recommended by 89%.

  • I think it was a fantastic value. I can see the care that went into making them right down to the lined inner pant legs to the seams at the bottom. Very well constructed and I love the fabric.

    David in Miami Lakes, FL

  • Fabric looks great. Definitely wrinkle prone, but nowhere near as wrinkle prone as pure linen.

    Conor in Seattle, WA

  • Quality of fabric and design was everything I expected. First Rate!

    William in South Highlands, AL

  • the fabric was linen but also had some stretch I loved it.

    dirk in Whitinsville, MA

  • A great feel to these pants, was planning a rather straight forward navy pants and these are very nice.

    James in Kirkland, WA

  • Love these for spring and summer. Weight is perfect and design is stylish.

    James in Tiburon, CA

  • Fabric is nice - I haven't seen many cotton/linen blends for pants.

    Conor in Seattle, WA

  • Like any linen fabric, these pants will show wrinkles behind the knees and in the hips. But the blend keeps them from needing to be cleaned regularly. I'm ordering another pair in another color!

    Jared in WASHINGTON, DC

  • This is an outstanding fabric, making great dress-casual slacks. The stretch is awesome

    Donald in SUGAR LAND, TX

  • Beautiful fabric with a nice drape.

    Travis in COLUMBIA, SC

  • Great quality.

    Sydney in Birmingham, AL

  • The comfort and feel of the fabric is great. It is soft enough and light enough for any weather, but still structured enough for a more formal environment

    Carlos in VIENNA, VA

  • Holds a crease well

    johnson in AUSTIN, TX

  • Yes

    dan in Islip, NY

  • Fabric is outstanding!

    Nickalus in Hiram, GA

  • Ryan in Summer Hill, NSW

  • The fabric appears faded and a bit rigid. Time will tell whether it would be more relaxed after washing.

    Muhammed in EDINA, MN

  • Excellent

    Bill in Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute

  • Great

    Lansana in Le Grand-Saconnex, GE

  • Excellent quality at first impression. Great feel and comfort.

    Joseph in WILMINGTON, DE

  • love the fabric

    Nickalus in Hiram, GA

  • After 5 hours the trousers look as been worn for 2 days

    Jan Martin in Copenhagen S,

  • Awesome for work and play

    Gil in New York, NY

  • Perfect for work and play in summer months.

    Gil in New York, NY

  • Blue really pops in the sun

    William in Hendra, QLD

  • Great fabric and color.

    Johann in MIAMI, FL

  • Comfortable fabric

    Carsten in zug, ZG

  • good fabric.

    manu in PINELLAS PARK, FL

  • Great

    Tak Yi in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

  • Great

    Tak Yi in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

  • Great material, cut, design, my new favorite dress slacks

    Jacques in BATON ROUGE, LA

  • Nice, lightweight fabric. Great for 3 seasons.

    Tobias in Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt

  • Really nice, comfortable pants. Great, lightweight fabric.

    Tobias in Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt

  • Love the canvas feel of the fabric. Quality is perfect and what I now expect from Proper Cloth. Design is great, just the simplicity I’ve always looked for. I also really appreciate the option to change the closure to side tabs rather than a belt as I prefer the cleanness and ease-of-wear of that style. The navy colour is a bit lighter than on the site but is perfect with the right depth. It complements the white, sand and beige options which I also purchased, making a great wardrobe palette.

    Ryan in Summer Hill, NSW

  • I wasn’t a fan of the fabric pattern. That was difficult to discern in the photos.

    Ryan in Newtonville, MA

  • Nice fabric

    Kristian in Frederiksberg, C

  • Very nice casual fabric

    Kristian in Frederiksberg, C

  • Nice quality. Can’t wait to wear them!

    Joe in Decatur, GA

  • Designed well, nice weight, again some loose threads here and there

    John in Cape Elizabeth, ME

  • Fabric feels great for summer and early fall.

    Tyler in CHICAGO, IL

  • Nice color, good summer fabric

    Donald in SUGAR LAND, TX

  • Fabric seems nice.

    Bart in JOLIET, IL

  • I would really like to get a higher rise. For reference, the maximum rise 11.1 inches, which is a good mix-rise.

    Bart in JOLIET, IL

  • Excellent fabric, high quality, and design is simple, modern.

    Mark in Edmonton, AB

  • Happy with design, fabric, quality Not enough time/information to opine on durability

    Rich in East Moriches, NY

  • Very comfortable fabric


  • Have ordered a few of these pairs of pants now, they're great. One knock on them is the need to dry clean after wearing--they're not exactly formal wear pants, so breaking these bad boys out for a Saturday walk and then having to take them to the cleaners seems...excessive

    Gil in New York, NY

  • A bit wrinkle prone due to the linen.

    Eric in Portland, OR

  • Nice light fabric

    Gil in New York, NY

  • The price of the pants was very reasonable. Much less than what I have spent for pants that have not fit nearly as well.

    John in Sparta, NJ

  • Great fabric, quality and design

    Ben in New York, NY


    James in Houston, TX

  • wrinkle way too easily, seem to attract lint and other tings

    Ryan in Furlong, PA

  • Good

    Nicholas in New York, NY

  • Fabric and aesthetic were top notch.

    Livingston in New York, NY


    Mark in New York, NY

  • The perfect three season material and beautiful construction

    Colin in Brooklyn, NY

  • Amazing

    Scott in New York, NY

  • I really like the fabric.

    Damien in Aguadilla, PR

  • Fabric is very nice.

    David in Alamo, CA

  • An unusually beautiful and flattering pair of pants. Rugged, waxy-like fabric, yet light and pliable. Truly exceptional and unique look.

    Nicholas in NEW YORK, NY

  • Fabric is stiff, but beautiful. If you are in want of a linen pant, this is not a great choice. However, if you are looking for a stylish blue chino with subtle texture, this is great.

    Matthew in Brooklyn, NY

  • I like it a lot. But I had originally wanted the linen fabric which you were out of.

    Mark in New York, NY

  • Good sturdy fabric and design

    Michael in Bloomsburg, PA

  • Not as tapered a design as I would like

    Andrew in New York, NY

  • Love

    Alexander in New York, NY

  • Great fabric and construction

    Vegar in Oslo, Oslo

  • Nice classic design

    Andrew in New York, NY

  • good value. perhaps slim a little through the thighs

    Philip in victoria, BC

  • fabric a bit stiff

    Neil in Rye Brook, NY

  • Liked pants if they fit

    Andrew in Silver Spring, MD

  • I will donate to Salvation Army.

    Marvin in Montgomery, TX

  • excellent.

    Dustin in Tucson, AZ

  • Fabric is a little rough

    Daniel in Canal Street, NY

  • Excellent material

    Keith in Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL

  • Love this cotton blend, great with a shirt or tie and jacket for the office, especially with side fasteners.

    Chris in Mossman Park, Western Australia

  • The cloth was near the same quality as high end off the rack cotton linen blend. Slightly heavier and stiffer, but I expect they will break in nicely. The horn buttons are very nice, better than off the rack from many designers. The lining and finish is very thoughtful and well executed.

    Courtney in SAMMAMISH, WA

  • Excellent

    joseph in kings park, NY

  • Love the quality

    Peter in Cedar Park, TX

  • Fabric is more stiff and scratchy than expected. I know it is linen blend, but it’s much less comfortable than standard high quality suit pants. No stretch or give whatsoever either.

    Jacob in NEW YORK, NY

  • This is a very nice natural fabric. The drape is classic and the quality is very good. Competes with a much more expensive fabric.

    Kevin in Lake Forest, IL

  • Great design and fabric.

    Michael in SHERBORNE,

  • Fabric ok. construction OK style. they could be slimmer in leg. That is the trend.

    Dean in Rancho Mirage, CA

  • Fabric sort of “everyday.”

    Richard in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Nice fabric and nice construction.

    James in New York, NY

  • Great fabric and construction.

    Alvin in ATLANTA, GA

  • Very durable and classy.

    Robert in North Miami Beach, FL


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What’s the difference between the trouser fit options?

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With our advanced made-to-measure system, these fit options can be fine-tuned to your exact specifications and saved as your perfect tailored pant size.

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Tailored clothing--including suits, jackets, and dress pants--generally takes about three to four weeks to produce and deliver.

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I like this garment as pictured, but wish I could change the design a bit. Are your Tailored Clothing products customizable?

Absolutely! From the product page, simply click the ‘Customize’ button next to the size selection.

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  • Have the garment adjusted by your own local tailor. Send us a photo of the receipt and we’ll provide you with store credit or a refund (up to $125 for a suit, $75 for a jacket and $50 for trousers).
  • Work with our team to determine what changes need to be made, and have Proper Cloth alter the garment for you or remake it in a new size.
  • Return the tailored clothing to us and have it remade in a different standard size. (For example, if you ordered a 40 Regular Slim Fit, we could remake it in a 41 Regular Slim Fit.)
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Do you offer rush delivery?

Rush delivery is not available for custom made products. With ready-to-wear and stocked products, we have a little more flexibility.

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How are Proper Cloth Dress Pants different from Proper Cloth Chinos?

Dress Pants (also known as Trousers) are part of our Tailored Clothing line, and are typically made from a wool or wool blend fabric. Dress Pants feature a Bemberg lining inside that goes down to the knee, and a grosgrain reinforcement at the cuff. Dress Pants are made to have a crease that runs down the center front and back of the leg, for a slimming effect. Dress Pants require dry-cleaning.

Chinos can look similar to Dress Pant given they have similar style pockets. However, there are some fundamental differences. First of all, Chinos are typically made from cotton, or a cotton blend of fabric, they have no lining. Secondly, chinos don’t have any crease down the center of the pant legs. Overall, Chinos are more casual than dress pants. Conveniently, Casual Pants don’t need dry-cleaning, and can be washed at home in the washing machine.

Due to some manufacturing differences between the two products, you must have a different saved size to order Casual Pants than the one you use for Dress Pants.

Dress Pants typically take longer to be made and delivered than Casual Pants. Consult current delivery times here.

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If you’re not happy with the fit of your dress pants, you can either return them to us for a complimentary remake in a new size or have your local tailor make alterations. Email us a photo of the receipt for the alteration costs and we’ll credit your account up to $50. Alternatively, if the dress pants are unworn and unaltered, you may return them to us for a full refund within 90 days.

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