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Allen Grey Wool Dress Pant

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Extra Slim is our slimmest fit around the hips and thighs, with a distinct taper from the thigh down to a narrow leg opening. Suggested for guys that are either particularly skinny, or more average sized but want an aggressive slim fit.

Slim is our modern, office appropriate, most popular, slim fit. Slim but not tight with a taper to the leg opening. Suggested for average sized guys that want a clean modern look that’s not too tight.

Straight is similar to our Slim fit, but with less taper at the leg opening for a wider “boot cut”. Suggested for guys that want a relatively slim fit, but a leg opening that will cover more of their dress shoes, or fit over their boots.

Athletic is roomy in the seat and thighs, but tapered to the knee and leg opening. Designed for guys with larger thighs and buttocks relative to a smaller waist. If you’re an athlete that wants a modern slim fit, but “Slim Fit” pants are generally too tight around your legs, this is for you.

Classic is roomy in the seat and thigh with a leg that stays straight from the mid thigh down. Suggested for guys that want a more old-fashioned, roomy fit and a leg opening that will cover more of their shoe.

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Product Info

A timeless grey trouser crafted from beautiful S110s merino wool suiting fabric. This versatile wool has a smooth finish and subtly varied grey tones that make it a sharp choice for day-to-day wear. Perfect for any climate, year-round.

Design Features Shown: Angled Pockets, Belt Loops Waistband, Zipper Fly, Dark Grey Horn.

  • Product ID TC-SP0044
  • Style Dress Trouser
  • Hem Style No Cuff
  • Waistband Belt Loops Waistband
  • Buttons Dark Grey Horn
  • Fly Zipper Fly
  • Waist Closure Button Tab Closure
  • Pocket Style Angled Pockets
  • Front Style No Pleats
  • Product ID TC-SP0044
  • Fabric Dino Filarte S110s Grey Wool Twill
  • Fabric Mill Dino Filarte
  • Weave Twill
  • Composition 100% Merino Wool
  • Weight 270g
  • Opacity Rating 5 / 5 · Maximum Opaqueness
  • Wrinkle Resistance 3 / 5 · Slightly Wrinkle-Resistant
Pants Garment Detail

Zipper Fly

We use a zipper fly that's as functional as it is durable.

Plain Hem

A finished plain hem creates a clean look and features additional fabric for alterations.

Curtained Waistband

A curtained waistband helps to protect the internal sewing of the waistband and give the lining a beautiful appearance.

Flat Front

All of our pants come with a timeless flat front (unpleated) design that gives them a clean, stylish look.

Reviews (101)

4.85 / 5

101 reviews. Average rating 4.85/5

Recommended by 95%.

  • Beautiful drape.

    Daniel in Auburndale, MA

  • The fabric exceeded my expectations.

    Ryan in Huntersville, NC

  • Nice color

    john in Brooklyn, NY

  • Great quality

    Spencer in Hoboken, NJ

  • Well made

    Robert in Markham, VA

  • Great slacks

    William in Southington, CT

  • Quality is great ..

    Gianni in New York, NY

  • Multiple pairs in this fabric, perfect everyday pants for the office.

    John in Dallas, TX

  • fabric, quality, and overall design are great. The material is a little darker than i expected, more of a heathered black than a medium charcoal, but i still like it a lot.

    Greg in DALLAS, TX

  • Zipper shouldn't be silver and is visible

    Donald in HOUSTON, TX

  • Hard to evaluate when they're at a tailor to fix. I don't know if the design or the tailoring was awful.

    John in Miami Beach, FL

  • Going to order these pants in navy and black too.

    Scott in Santa Rosa, CA

  • Awesome quality and design. The fabric is top notch.

    Matthew in Oswego, IL

  • Good quality.

    Jeffrey in LONG BEACH, CA

  • Love the fabric

    Lee in Birmingham, AL

  • Perfect charcoal suit.

    John in Dallas, TX

  • 2nd pair in this fabric. Perfect for daily work wear.

    John in Dallas, TX

  • Love the fabric, ordered 3 pairs.

    John in Dallas, TX

  • Very high quality

    James in Darien, CT

  • Great value! Will definitely recommend P.C. to friends.

    Edgar in Calabasas, CA

  • All good

    Ronald in Weston, CT

  • Great quality.

    James in Darien, CT

  • Great quality.

    James in Darien, CT

  • These were fine. No issue at all

    John in Lake Orion, MI

  • Fabric is on point

    Zack in TUCSON, AZ

  • These pants were a good choice. the flat front and side tabs give it a sophisticated, chic and stylish look but still suitable for my finance job.

    Troy in Brooklyn, NY

  • Nice solid addition to wardrobe

    David in Chappaqua, NY

  • Great dark, charcoal grey color. Perfect for work and also nights out.

    David in Great Falls, VA

  • really nice wool fabric very soft. great construction

    Darius in Chester, NJ

  • The design was fine, and had the fit been better I would have kept the pants.

    Brad in New York, NY

  • Fabric not as premium as expected

    john in Brooklyn, NY

  • High quality

    David in Basking Ridge, NJ

  • Fabric quality is top notch

    George in San Clemente, CA

  • This is a very sharp looking fabric. Great weight and feel and the color is a nice dark grey/charcoal.

    Aaron in Washington, DC

  • Fine quality and value.

    Mark in Rye, NY

  • good fabric

    vernon in Hanover, MA

  • Super soft great for the office

    Sami in Oakville, Ontario

  • Nice fabric. Good quality. Recommend slimming down the thickness of fabric across the main buttons on waist, as it feels a little bulky.

    Michael in WASHINGTON, DC

  • Beautiful grey wool fabric, quality construction. Will order again.

    Simon in PROVIDENCE, RI

  • All top notch. Only issue is sizing.

    Benjamin in Darien, CT

  • Fabric is better than expected.

    Thomas in Fort Atkinson, WI

  • It feels light but well out together

    Altan in SAINT LOUIS, MO

  • Pants look sharp, but with better fit than off the rack at a store.

    Paul in Los Gatos, CA

  • Very good quality fabric. Excellent construction.

    Samuel in Hagerstown, MD

  • Lovely

    Lansana in Le Grand-Saconnex, GE

  • Love the fabric, design & quality.

    Thomas in Fort Atkinson, WI

  • Love the fabric, design & quality.

    Thomas in Fort Atkinson, WI

  • Nice weight and quality fabric

    Andrew in Hauppauge, NY

  • Fabric is excellent, looks great. This pair of pants is quite a bit darker than the allen grey flannels - not a bad thing, I like the color of both, just something to be aware of if you have one and are considering the other.

    Conor in Seattle, WA

  • Nice weight and quality

    Andrew in Hauppauge, NY

  • Love it

    Anthony in Westlake Village, CA

  • Excellent quality pants especially for the price. Love the charcoal color. They look like the picture. Comfortable too. Can't go wrong with these.

    James in Bedford, NH

  • good quality

    alvaro in DELRAY BEACH, FL

  • Great fabric. Love the charcoal color. Very classy look to these pants. The fabric is not too thick and not too thin, just right.

    James in Bedford, NH

  • Great quality!

    Joseph in OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

  • Good materials

    Daniel in TUCSON, AZ

  • Highly recommend these pants. Quality fabric & construction.

    David in Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Pants are medium weight, great for year round wear. Dark charcoal color is perfect.

    David in Tuscaloosa, AL

  • The fabric felt very, very nice and seemed to be very high quality. I didn't get to wear it much because it was too long, but when I did it felt fantastic.

    Christopher in TUCSON, AZ

  • Fabric has superb feel and drape. The ever-so-subtle pattern reads as a rich solid.

    Steven in Seattle, WA

  • Lovely fabric, high quality. I haven't bought any trousers with cuffs in years, so it does have somewhat of a retro look because of that. Or is it so retro that it's new again? I'm thinking it will look better being paired with more old-fashioned shirts and jackets—maybe a double-breasted suit jacket. I'm not surprised; it was what I ordered—just an interesting challenge.

    Andrew in Mayer, AZ

  • Classic grey. Great for any day in the office

    Alexander in Houston, TX

  • Awesome

    Robert in Markham, VA

  • excellent

    Robert in PENSACOLA, FL

  • Great fabric

    Justin in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Great for weekly office wear

    Alexander in Houston, TX

  • Color is a little darker than I expected but I still like it.

    Ben in DETROIT, MI

  • Very nice fabric. Nice details on construction.

    Donald in CHICAGO, IL

  • N/A

    Benjamin in Houston, TX

  • The wool pants are very luxurious. A good buy for the money.

    Brian in Miami Beach, FL

  • Great material

    Justin in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Great fabric

    Justin in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Other than fit, very nice

    Robert in Atlanta, GA

  • Construction quality is lacking but the fabric feels great.

    Sibi in Brooklyn, NY

  • Nuce

    Ari in Wynnewood, PA

  • Excellent attention to detail

    stu in Toronto, On

  • Very good

    stu in Toronto, On

  • Quality fabric.

    Mack in Stamford, CT

  • Excellent

    Peter in Scarsdale, NY

  • good

    NAQEEB in Waterbury, CT

  • Could be thicker

    Jordan in New York, NY

  • Fabric is great, in quality and apparent durability. Look forward to wearing for a long time to see how they do over time.

    James in SANTA FE, NM

  • Great fabric and lining - very comfortable

    Dennis in Brantford, ON

  • very comfortable wool - not too heavy, not too light.

    Alexander in NORFOLK, VA

  • Fabric is very good. The hand isn't quite as nice as the VBC alternative also sold on site (I tried both), but for the price difference, its an excellent value even though they both are S110 merino. The seams are straight and panels all come together nicely, though I think the stitch per inch could be a little higher on in and outseams. Buttons, grossgrain at the hem, pick stitches, and other materials as all excellent.

    Joseph in Eagle, WI

  • Excellent quality and design

    Amit in Lititz, PA


    James in Houston, TX

  • Great fabric

    Maurice in Fort Worth, TX

  • fantastic

    William in Birmingham, AL

  • Little pricey but very good quality.

    Douglas in Houston, TX

  • High quality

    Edward in Ann Arbor, MI

  • 110 wool is as expected for regular everyday wear. construction is solid.

    Quan in Union City, CA

  • Any way to know where the hand picked stitching is? Didn't see it on the pocket, which is fine, but would be nice

    Benjamin in Los Angeles, CA

  • Feels nice

    Joseph in TULSA, OK

  • Great fabric.

    Hector in THOUSAND OAKS, CA

  • The fabric feels absolutely luxurious.

    Francisco in Paterson, NJ

  • fabric is just OK>

    Byron in ALEXANDRIA, VA

  • Fabric quality was good. Fit was excellent.

    Aaron in New York, NY

  • Good quality

    James in Hong Kong,

  • The stitching around the front pockets looks a little too mechanical, and it would be awesome if you could do the pick stitching - would pay an extra $10

    Benjamin in Los Angeles, CA

  • Excellent work as usual

    Scott in Oakville, ON


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How are Proper Cloth Dress Pants different from Proper Cloth Chinos?

Dress Pants (also known as Trousers) are part of our Tailored Clothing line, and are typically made from a wool or wool blend fabric. Dress Pants feature a Bemberg lining inside that goes down to the knee, and a grosgrain reinforcement at the cuff. Dress Pants are made to have a crease that runs down the center front and back of the leg, for a slimming effect. Dress Pants require dry-cleaning.

Chinos can look similar to Dress Pant given they have similar style pockets. However, there are some fundamental differences. First of all, Chinos are typically made from cotton, or a cotton blend of fabric, they have no lining. Secondly, chinos don’t have any crease down the center of the pant legs. Overall, Chinos are more casual than dress pants. Conveniently, Casual Pants don’t need dry-cleaning, and can be washed at home in the washing machine.

Due to some manufacturing differences between the two products, you must have a different saved size to order Casual Pants than the one you use for Dress Pants.

Dress Pants typically take longer to be made and delivered than Casual Pants. Consult current delivery times here.

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