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Japanese Beige Aloha Print Fabric



Fabric Description

A fun and lightweight casual fabric for warm, sunny days.

Rayon was one of the original popular Aloha shirt fabrics, and for good reason—its smoothness and breathability made it one of the most comfortable options available for residents of the steamy Hawaiian islands. This version’s 35s single-ply plain weave construction of 81% rayon and 19% polyester creates a soft, beautiful drape, and it allows air to flow easily through the fabric. Plus, rayon is both absorbent and cool to the touch, and polyester is very quick to dry, so it’s perfect for warm weather. The white silhouettes of tradition Hawaiian landscapes across the beige ground makes a sophisticated statement that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can just as easily wear this with shorts as with a casual linen suit.

Recommended Styling: Whether you choose to design this as a long or short sleeve shirt, go for soft details all around. Our Camp collar is a great choice for an easygoing authentic Aloha look.


Fabric Details

4.8 on 84 Reviews

Recommended by 94%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.9

  • Performance 4.8

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  • Nice pattern , fabric is very soft and good weight.

    4 weeks ago  ·  BRETT in STATEN ISLAND, NY

  • Nice neutral print, very comfortable

    last month  ·  Krista in AUSTIN, TX

  • Love the color, shirt thinner than I thought but looks awesome

    last month  ·  Michael in NEW YORK, NY

  • Very soft fabric. Feels real good.

    last month  ·  pete in Madison, MS

  • The pattern and color are perfect. Nice, sliky feel, medium weight.

    last month  ·  Marc in Napa, CA

  • Great

    September 2023  ·  Danny in GARDEN GROVE, CA

  • This was slightly discounted when I purchased it which was great for me because this is the type of floral/intricate pattern that suits me. Recommended for people who want something summer/outdoorsy without being too loud. Please have more fabrics like this that fill the large stylistic gap between conservative mono-color and very colorful (loud), oft-nautical style.

    September 2023  ·  Perry in Princeton, MA

  • i would prefer it being thicker

    August 2023  ·  Vernon in HONOLULU, HI

  • cool and comfortable

    August 2023  ·  Harry in Houston, TX

  • perfect for Maui

    August 2023  ·  mark in MEDFORD, OR

  • The pattern has the right balance of interesting but not eye bleeding. It's soft and comfortable and has a really nice drape to it.

    August 2023  ·  Tyler in Calgary, Alberta

  • Lightweight, good stretch, good quality

    August 2023  ·  Trevor in New York, NY

  • Another great summer fabric and unique pattern.

    July 2023  ·  Ryan in HOUSTON, TX

  • fun pattern

    July 2023  ·  Lukasz in Brisbane, CA

  • Love this fabric. Lightweight and very comfortable.

    July 2023  ·  Scott in Mooresville, NC

  • Light and comfortable. Performed well on a hot day out.

    July 2023  ·  Greg in Keene, ON

  • Soft and cool to the touch, drapes nicely. Excellent hot weather fabric.

    July 2023  ·  Tommi in Helsinki, Helsinki

  • Fantastic fabric. Among the very best in wrinkle resistance -- can be pulled nearly dry from the dyer and hung up. Very soft and comfortable, and the pattern looks really good.

    July 2023  ·  Andrew in Atherton, CA

  • Soft and thin, kept cool

    July 2023  ·  Kaden in New York, NY

  • I would have preferred a plain cotton, but I loved the print.

    June 2023  ·  Hernaldo in Chicago, IL

  • This is a great fabric. The addition of the polyester helps the fabric feel less “silky” and have a nice drape compared to 100% rayon fabrics. Color is great too- perfect for the warm weather

    June 2023  ·  John in Long Island City, NY

  • Very versatile; can be worn with shorts or khakis. Will definitely become my "must pack" shirt for trips.

    June 2023  ·  Harvey in Princeville, HI

  • I love this fabric -- tropical with a wonderful feel and drape.

    May 2023  ·  Larry in Atherton, CA

  • I feel like I say this every time I order, but this is my new favourite shirt! Certainly my most comfortable shirt. Tons of natural stretch, super soft, and very breathable. I just wore it all over Mexico City and wow! T-shirts are for suckers when you have one of these. Also, the beige is quite rich, so while it’s neutral enough to wear with everything, it isn’t boring at all. Love it!

    April 2023  ·  Rob in Edmonton, AB

  • Super soft shirt - beautiful design for the summer!

    April 2023  ·  Scarlett in New York, NY

  • Soft fabric - great for the spring and summer time!

    April 2023  ·  Christopher in MONROE, NY

  • Very light and airy. Perfect for wearing on vacation.

    March 2023  ·  Bryce in Santa Fe, NM

  • Very fun print, plus the shirt is really soft.

    January 2023  ·  Zachery in Brooklyn, NY

  • Wonderful fabric, soft and breathable, love it!

    January 2023  ·  STEPHEN in Vestal, NY

  • Very light. Perfect summer shirt.

    December 2022  ·  Edumundo in New York, NY

  • The cloth is very lightweight and breathable. Hangs well, immediately started getting compliments. Not loud, understated elegance (for a Hawaiian shirt).

    December 2022  ·  David in San Diego, CA

  • Comfortable and easy care fabric

    November 2022  ·  Scott in DALLAS, TX

  • Absolutely love this summer shirt.

    September 2022  ·  Jason in Holland, PA

  • The fabric looks like tour operations uniform. It becomes heavy with Sweat

    September 2022  ·  Zachariah in Dallas, TX

  • Really nice pattern, lightweight and nice drape

    September 2022  ·  Johan in Helsinki,

  • Extremely comfortable shirt with a beautiful drape and fit.

    September 2022  ·  Douglas in Grapevine, TX

  • Wears breezy and cool. Great summer colors, perfect for a beach vacation or the poolside.

    August 2022  ·  Ryan in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

  • Great fabric and pattern

    August 2022  ·  David in Basking Ridge, NJ

  • I had my eye on this fabric for a new Aloha shirt for a while. I am super happy that I finally made the order! Great color and design!

    August 2022  ·  David in Toms River, NJ

  • Ultralight

    August 2022  ·  Noah in Portland, OR

  • It’s officially my wife’s favorite shirt of mine, so I love it!

    August 2022  ·  Oskar in New York, NY

  • More wrinkle resistant than expected, super soft and cool to the touch

    August 2022  ·  Evan in Washington, DC

  • Print and color is perfect; as understated as an aloha print gets. Fabric is very thin so good for high temps, but feels a little fragile maybe so treat it nice.

    July 2022  ·  Kenneth in Beverly Hills, MI

  • Very lightweight. Color is great.

    July 2022  ·  Jason in BERKELEY, CA

  • My favorite all time fabric. So comfortable.

    July 2022  ·  Dan in Brooklyn, NY

  • Super airy which I like.

    July 2022  ·  Nicholas in Wakefield, MA

  • Lightweight and comfortable. Perfect summer shirt.

    July 2022  ·  Michael in Kailua, HI

  • nice lightweight

    July 2022  ·  michael in CORAL GABLES, FL

  • Awesome!

    June 2022  ·  Kristopher in NEW ORLEANS, LA

  • Super light

    June 2022  ·  Misha in New York, NY

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