Lipari Soft Herringbone Jacket
Canclini Blue Multi Gingham
Salina Soft Multi-Check Jacket
140s Wrinkle Resistant Light Blue Stripe
Amalfi Grey Silk Knit Tie
Amalfi Navy Silk Knit Tie
Navy 100s Twill
Thomas Mason Orange and Blue Check
Onyx Cufflinks
Thomas Mason White Luxury Broadcloth
Onyx Tuxedo Studs
Lazio Blue Print Tie
Thomas Mason White Twill Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt
Corsica Pale Blue Print Tie
White Linen Pocket Square
Corsica Orange Print Tie
Navy Linen Pocket Square
We developed this collection with a really strong color story in mind. A full spectrum of blue hues accented with the pop of orange reminiscent of the last little bit of color you get in a New York sunset. We loved the way that bit of orange makes a spring look a little more fun, while still staying easy to wear and masculine.

Since custom fitting shirts are our expertise, we started here. Dress shirt fabrics include super soft, lightweight broadcloths coming from Italian mills Canclini, Cotonifico Albini and Thomas Mason. Sport shirts feature lightweight denims and chambrays. We wanted the perfect relaxed collar that would still work with a tie, so we developed a new soft spread collar style we call the Soft President Spread. It has a super lightweight interlining and slightly smaller proportions than our previous soft collar iterations. It compliments the soft button-down collars and soft cuffs we love this time a year, and works especially well with the denim and chambray fabrics.

The jackets are a first for us and we're really excited about them. They are totally unstructured and unlined for an incredibly lightweight feel. You can wear these jackets on the hottest days and still be comfortable. We have two styles, a silk/linen/wool blend navy herringbone and a Loro Piana 100% tropical weight wool plaid. We had these made in an awesome little factory in Italy. They've been making these lightweight, deconstructed jackets for decades now. The level of craftsmanship and fit are really incredible and the style nicely compliments our artisanal soft collars perfectly.

Finally, the collection includes some beautiful accessories. The knit silk and printed silk ties are handmade in Italy, as are the hand-rolled, linen pocket squares. All the accessories continue our laid-back-but-dressed-up aesthetic in a nice mix of blue and orange shades.