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“Received my first remake that I adjusted myself. Definitely a learning experience. The fit overall was great but there were a few areas that needed adjustment. Instead of trying ag…”

1 hour ago from Tucson, AZ

“Custom shirt ordered after a video session to make slight adjustments. Best-fitting shirt I've ever worn.”

3 hours ago from Arlington, VA

“Superb customer service and a great product!”

4 hours ago from Phoenix, AZ

“Very responsive if you report a problem. Rebuilt a suit for no charge that did not fit properly.”

5 hours ago from Upper Montclair, NJ

“Just do it”

7 hours ago from Montrose, NY

“Initially, I ordered a shirt with sleeves that were too short, but customer service was able to help me with the correct size, and the remake fits great. The fabric of this partic…”

8 hours ago from Lakewood, CO

“You could get a dress shirt and have it tailored, but why not buy one made to measure from the comfort of your couch?”
“One of the most successful made-to-measure e-commerce sites there is – attribute that to tasteful fabrics, fast delivery times, and an easy shopping experience”
“Proper Cloth has become a go-to source for made-to-measure shirts for even the most discerning menswear customer.”
“Proper Cloth creates a custom pattern for every customer and lets him choose from a multitude of collars, cuffs, pockets and more”
“There’s just something about wearing a shirt that was made just for you that feels above and beyond even the nicest off-the-rack shirting (in my humble opinion)”
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  • Fast Delivery

    For custom-made garments, it doesn’t get much faster than this.

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    If it's not a perfect fit, we’ll alter or remake your first shirt, jacket, or trousers for free — guaranteed.

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    Call, chat, or email for personal assistance from the best in the business.