Our Story

The original idea was simple: make it easy for men to buy dress shirts that fit perfectly.

In October 2008 we launched the first version of propercloth.com and sold our first shirt. We were not an instant success. The first couple years were particularly humble. We didn't come from fashion. We didn't have any contacts. We had a lot to learn. We made a lot of mistakes. We were bootstrapping with credit cards and small loans from friends and family. Our manufacturing was antiquated and slow. Our selection was limited. Our website was confusing. Then there was the financial crisis...

But we stuck with it. Listened to our customers. Networked in the industry. Solved problems. Improved our systems. Became experts on patterning and construction. Fabric and styling. Photography and user interface. Supply chain and logistics. Our growth has been strong and steady, but we've kept our team relatively small. Five people. Really. Seph, Yura, Brittany, Harrison and Chris. We’re based in New York. We do all of our design and customer service at our space in SOHO. We’re profitable and growing. We’re not in a rush to expand and we won't use near sighted tactics to get results. We're focused on the long term. We're committed to building a lasting brand and business. We have thousands of clients. We love what we do.

We’re proud of what we’ve built. We’re competitive. We want to be the best and we believe we are. When it comes to fabric selection, precision, style, fit, customer service, delivery speed and just overall value, we’re way ahead. But beyond that, we want to be the best that it’s possible to be. So we’re always searching for better fabrics. Obsessing about what makes the perfect collar. Asking how we can give better customer service. Expanding our fit and pattern options to serve more unique shapes and postures…. trying to squeeze another day out of our delivery time…. to make our user interface more intuitive… We keep busy.

We’re very, very comfortable with technology. This is a big part of who we are. It’s the only reason we can manage a business of this scale with such a small team. We built our ecommerce platform from scratch. We push out software updates every week. We’ve been pioneers in user interface, 3d visualization, social shopping, statistical size regression and ecommerce in general. We’re fully integrated with the most technically advanced custom shirt production in the world. We’re continuously thinking of how we can use technology to provide a better or more efficient service.

We want to build a leading men’s clothing brand. We have a point of view about how clothes should look and how they should be made. We think clothes are about more than the thread count of the fabric or the length of the collar points. The brand behind the clothing matters. A brand can embody emotion and feeling. Little details make something special. The right clothing can help someone realize who they are. Stories are how we understand the world around us. Clothing can help tell those stories.

Our Shirts

Nothing is more critical to a shirt than its fabric. We source fabrics from all over the world, looking for stylish patterns with comfortable, durable constructions. Our selection includes a wide variety of compact single and 2-ply fabrics ranging from 50s to 160s, Egyptian to Sea-Island cotton, broadcloths and twills, imported from Japan, Portugual and Italy.

Precise Construction
Our construction methods combine sophisticated technology with traditional shirt making methods. Computer generated patterns and robotic fabric cutters are fast, reliable and precise. Experienced tailors carefully hand sew shirts using traditional methods.

Custom Fit
If you’re particular about how a shirt fits, you’re in good company. Our custom size options provide you a variety of ways to choose a shirt size and ultimately gives you total control over your shirt’s dimensions. We specialize in custom making shirts that fit perfectly.

Personal Style
When you design your own shirt you know it's unique. Details like collar and cuff accents let you create fun, yet professional looks. Get creative and design a shirt from scratch or browse other customers designs for inspiration.

Specific Details
By default, our shirts have the following details:
  • 1.25” front placket (other options may be specified in the design tool)
  • No rear pleats (side or center box pleats may be specified as part of a custom size)
  • No rear darts
  • 3/8" tie space (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • Split yoke cut on the fabric bias (single piece yoke may be specified in the design tool)
  • Reinforced shirt tail gussets
  • Small button on sleeve placket
  • Shallow 2" curved shirt tails
  • First button 3.25" below the top button
  • 1" front collar band height (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • 1 3/8" rear collar band height (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • 1 9/16" collar back height (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • Removable collar stays (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • Fused collars and cuffs (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • Two part collar attachment
  • Mother of Pearl or durable resin buttons
  • Buttons attached with crisscross stitching
  • Over 200 stitches per button hole
  • Minimum of 16 stitches per inch