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Grey and Navy Large Plaid Cashmere Scarf


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There are cashmere scarves, and then there are ridiculously soft, pure cashmere scarves made in the foothills of the Italian Alps. This one is the latter. Our cashmere scarves are designed to be less bulky and to wear lighter and more comfortably than traditional wool scarves while being just as warm. This navy and grey large plaid is super versatile and pairs beautifully with everything from a full suit to jeans.

  • Product Code: S47
  • 100% Italian Cashmere
  • Length: 71”/180cm
  • Width: 14.5"/37cm
  • Fringe: 1”/2.5cm
  • Made in Biella, Italy
  • Clean Professionally

Made 100% in Italy

Premium cashmere yarn is spun in Perugia, Italy, and then shipped to Biella, Italy, where it's woven into this incredibly soft scarf.

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