How to Make the Most of Working from Home

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If you’re like many of us, chances are you’re now approaching 9 months of working from home.

While we’ve found routine and rhythm in our new lifestyle, there’s still a sense that we could be better at this. With a new year approaching, we figure now’s a good time to reassess, recommit, and revitalize our day-to-day with a few simple changes to set us up for success in the tough winter ahead. Here’s our guide to continuing to make the most of the current situation:

01 The Workspace

Take a good look at your set-up. Is it still providing an efficient and comfortable home base, and a decent video call background? Consider the following:

  • A small change of scenery can help refresh your approach to your work. If you can, choose a new place in your home to work from—even if it’s the other side of the table you’ve been sitting at. Move your monitor to a different part of your desk. Give everything a good dusting and tidy up.
  • Take stock of anything you could improve upon, comfort-wise. Is it time to get a better seat cushion for your back, or a space heater to combat the draft coming from that window? We’re in this for a longer haul now than we’d expected, so our workspace really needs to be conducive to our best work. Don’t discount the importance of comfort here.

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02 Your Appearance

A little bit of an update can’t hurt, though there’s likely not much you’ll need to change other than to put a seasonal spin on your dressing and grooming.

  • Winter style need not be unprofessional to be cozy. Strategic layering can keep you warm and presentable, so focus on materials like cashmere, merino wool, and silk that will add heat but not bulk. Unstructured jackets, vests, and sweaters all add warmth without looking bulky.
  • Your shirt arsenal can still hit that sweet spot between relaxed and refined with knit piqués, oxfords, merino wools, denims, chambrays, and solid flannels. Save the busy plaids for the weekend.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize. It’ll do wonders for your skin, especially since you’ll be spending more time in dry, heated air.
  • And finally—it’s probably time to get another haircut.

Your WFH Tips

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Start with the most daunting task you have so the rest of the day flows easier.


Dress well, be comfortable, and stay focused!


Set a schedule. Plan for meals and breaks to give structure to your day!


Get dressed!


Don't forget to look good, it makes you feel good


Maintaining a proper work area has been the best way for me to do my best work


Exercise Everyday

03 The Routine

Be honest—have you been sticking to a good routine lately? Are you actually taking care of yourself? It’s easy to let things slide when work is one of the only consistent “activities” on our schedules, but it’s never too late to return to (or start) cultivating good habits.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant
  • Get to bed at a consistent, reasonable hour each night. Consistent sleep times are linked to longer and more high quality sleep, which will set the stage for the formation of other important habits.
  • Exercise. Getting your heart rate up even for a short time will do much for your physical and mental health.
  • Schedule meals and breaks at specific times throughout the day. Go for a walk after lunch, do a short meditation, or read a real newspaper. Slotting these in will break up your day into manageable chunks and significantly help with your time management and sanity.
  • Get outside. The fresh air (even through a mask) will do you some good.

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