Bleecker Beige Melange Fabric

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Fabric Description

A lightweight, casual solid made with a special yarn that gives it a beautiful, irregular color. The simple plain weave means this wears smooth and can be ironed up for a crisp look. It's woven with a 60s single ply construction in a weight that works in all four seasons. We love how this works with a pair of faded jeans, and it's a great layering piece that adds nice visual texture without being overwhelming. Definitely opt for a soft collar, cuff, and placket on this one.


Fabric Details

4.6 on 155 Reviews

Recommended by 93%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.6

  • Performance 4.5

  • Really pretty - the texture is interesting but understated. Goes with lots of things, but it's especially good under a sportcoat.

    December 2021  ·  Gregory in San Juan Capistrano, CA

  • Great thin summer fabric

    December 2019  ·  Michael in Plano, TX

  • Great shirt!

    December 2019  ·  Dorothy in Valrico, FL

  • Has held up, but does not look as elegant in real life as it does in the pictures. More like a dad shirt than Indiana Jones.

    November 2019  ·  Marc in CHICAGO, IL

  • I like the color but the fabric is thin and has a somewhat stiff feel.

    November 2019  ·  Jiao in LOS ANGELES, CA

  • This is my favorite light weight fabric.

    May 2019  ·  Danny in Houston, TX

  • Nice fabric for winter layering.

    March 2019  ·  GERARDO in FORT WORTH, TX

  • It shrank a bit too much but not bad enough to return. Now fits snugly without being too tight.

    March 2019  ·  Jason in Cambria, CA

  • I like this color, let’s you dress up but not look too formal. Very versatile

    February 2019  ·  Christopher in Seattle, WA

  • Probably will order another.

    February 2019  ·  Paul in Chicago, IL

  • Not a fan, wrinkles easily and looks like an "old man" shirt. Extremely lightweight and does not lay in a flattering way.

    January 2019  ·  AJ in Brooklyn, NY

  • Resists wrinkling. Breathes nicely. Good weight and texture.

    January 2019  ·  Will in Xenia, OH

  • I ordered this for a safari in Africa. Try it with the brown buttons and two pockets. It looks amazing, ala Indiana Jones. Buy it.

    December 2018  ·  Michael in Larchmont, NY

  • Good value, best for traditional front button shirt

    December 2018  ·  Sarat in SUGAR LAND, TX

  • Great fabric for a casual look. Reminds me of linen without the stiffness.

    December 2018  ·  Will in Fort Worth, TX

  • Nice weight and durability

    December 2018  ·  Charlie in Tulsa, OK

  • Nice feel.

    December 2018  ·  Phan in Bellaire, TX

  • Nice winter color with blacks

    December 2018  ·  RICHARD in Glen Burnie, MD

  • Love this color.

    November 2018  ·  David in Santa Monica, CA

  • Great choice for a more casual option from the Proper Cloth selection.

    November 2018  ·  Iris in Helsinki, Uusimaa

  • A little light in weight

    November 2018  ·  Kajeer in Tulsa, OK

  • Great fit

    November 2018  ·  Raymond in Nashua, NH

  • Comfortable, but much lighter weight than imagined. Also, I thought the weave would make the fabric somewhat more opaque, but that is not the case.

    November 2018  ·  Kian in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • Great with jeans

    October 2018  ·  John in Harrison, NY

  • Love the color!

    October 2018  ·  Eric in Nashville, TN

  • This is a great color with a very versatile, subtle pattern. The fabric is a little lighter and more opaque than I expected, so only useful as a summer shirt.

    October 2018  ·  Christopher in SEATTLE, WA

  • nice color

    October 2018  ·  Matheus in Miami, FL

  • A very light fabric wrinkles from being looked at.

    October 2018  ·  Paul in Oakland, CA

  • Super z it’s get up , Color is superb ...

    October 2018  ·  parvez in ABU DHABI, ABU DHABI

  • liked it

    September 2018  ·  thomas in Bound Brook, NJ

  • It's a good alternative for a plain white casual shirt and wears very light. I was hoping for the visual pattern to be more slubby and add texture as well, but the cloth is smooth.

    September 2018  ·  Jeremy in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • it's too soon to know, I haven't even worn the shirt yet.... you need to give me a chance to wear it before asking my opinion. you should a month to do this survey!

    September 2018  ·  richard in gilbert, AZ

  • Elite.

    September 2018  ·  Julian C in McAllen, TX

  • Lightweight and feels great in MS heat...seems to have some grey tones that didn’t show up as well in the pics

    September 2018  ·  William in Madison, MS

  • This ones solid. It’s light which is nice

    September 2018  ·  Dave in HOLLYWOOD, FL

  • pretty!

    September 2018  ·  George in TUCSON, AZ

  • Looks great. Feels great. A pleasure to wear.

    August 2018  ·  Johnny in Danville, VA

  • the fabric feels great and the monoram makes me feel special

    August 2018  ·  Nathaniel in New York, NY

  • Soft and light, with a nice textured feel. Shows wrinkles almost like a linen shirt. I’m fine with that (and somewhat expected it).

    August 2018  ·  David in New York, NY

  • Great color, looks better than photos on website.

    August 2018  ·  Mark in Lansdale, PA

  • very soft and light

    August 2018  ·  David in New York, NY

  • fabric felt cheap. Wasn't as I expected it.

    July 2018  ·  Virajith in Metairie, LA

  • A nice change up from white, light blue, and light grey.

    July 2018  ·  Jason in BERKELEY, CA

  • Very nice blend of colors. The cloth is very comfortable.

    July 2018  ·  Henry in Venice, CA

  • I didn't realize how soft it would feel!

    July 2018  ·  Matthew in CHICAGO, IL

  • This is my 4th Bleecker Melange fabric shirt and I love them all. Soft and lightweight with an earthy look.

    July 2018  ·  Tyson in Lockhart, TX

  • The fabric looks great and has a hand exactly as described. It will definitely wrinkle when washed at home but irons easily enough.

    July 2018  ·  Brandon in METAIRIE, LA

  • Great color and fabric for the summer. Fabric is very light. Would like to order this again, but in long sleeves.

    June 2018  ·  AN in Norcross, GA

  • Nice feel

    May 2018  ·  eladio in Furlong, PA

  • Excellent

    April 2018  ·  Stephen in Glendale, CA

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