Thomas Mason Goldline

The finest fabrics in the Thomas Mason collection. Woven in Italy to the highest standards.

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Thomas Mason Goldline Dress Shirts

Egyptian Giza Cotton

Goldline fabrics use only the best extra-long staple cotton from the fertile Egyptian Nile Delta, known as "Giza 45." These rare, highly acclaimed fibers are spun to produce stronger, finer yarns. Fabric made from these yarns do not degrade over time and return to their beautiful, silky finish with laundering.

Thomas Mason Goldline Collar Closeup

Rich English Heritage

Goldline fabric designs pull from the archives of Thomas Mason's long British history. Once the exclusive shirting fabric provider for the Royal Family, Thomas Mason sets the benchmark for classic, tasteful designs.

Thomas Mason Goldline British Fabric

140/2 – 140/2

These incredibly high thread counts give the fabric a particularly smooth hand feel and allow for sharper, more refined patterns. Every Goldline fabric features two-ply yarn in both the warp and weft to increase the density and life span.

Thomas Mason Goldline Fabric
Thomas Mason Goldline WR Blue Houndstooth

Wrinkle-Resistant Finish

Developed exclusively for Proper Cloth, these are the most luxurious wrinkle-resistant fabrics Thomas Mason has ever made — period. Solids and checks that pair the incredible feel of Goldine fabrics with an innovate wrinkle-resistant performance.

Thomas Mason Goldline Fabric

Goldline Praise

“This is one luxurious fabric. First rate stuff.” - David in MA

“At $250, you are wondering does this fabric/shirt really look twice as good as the average Proper Cloth shirt. Trust me, it DOES. It's gorgeous.” - Lloyd in VA

“A beautiful shirt. You can feel the superior fabric.” - Edward in CT

“Super soft fabric with a luxurious design. One of my go to shirts for formal events or business meetings.” - Amit in NYC

Thomas Mason Goldline Fabric