Summer '23 Style Guide Hero

Proper Cloth Summer '23 Style Guide

Summer Events

Lightweight fabrics and light colors. Focus on white-adjacent colors—cream, light grey, beige—and linen-blend versions of traditional pieces like tuxedos to make formal feel fresh.

Summer Dinners

Embrace the blues. Take a hint from the subdued shades of evening to create a nice balance of laidback and sleek.

At the Office

Happy medium. Stick to greys and blues that are just right—not too light, not too dark—for a professional, but not overly serious, vibe.

Weekends Around Town

Mix and match. Keep the palette light and try not to repeat a color—a refreshing, but not jarring, way to create contrast.

Vacation Days

Take it easy. Choose a palette and let texture and pattern do the work for you.