Spring 23 Style Guide Hero

Proper Cloth Spring 23 Style Guide

Flexible Layering

Mix lightweight outerwear with sweaters and shirts to create layers that are easily modified throughout a day of wear. Keep the pieces in the same color family so they can switch places without any fuss.

Lightweight Fabrics

When you swap winter fabrics for more breathable options, you'll both look and feel lighter. Look for blends that feature linen and weaves with a more open structure for better air flow.

Seasonal Colors

Choose lighter shades of your go-to colors to bring warmth to cold-weather combinations. Go for blue instead of navy, light grey instead of charcoal, sage green instead of pine, and beige instead of brown.

Relaxed Tailoring

Switch to soft tailored pieces with less structure for a relaxed look that maintains clean lines. Unlined and canvas-free jackets take some weight off your shoulders (literally) and are more versatile than their more formal counterparts.

Versatile Separates

Broken up or worn together, these matching sets increase your outfit options three-fold. They make looking put-together completely effortless.