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Collar Stay Replacement Set


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Our signature collar stays are made of a hearty antique brass. They are removable, durable, and most importantly, they will keep your collar stiff and prevent the points from curling up. Make sure you select the correct size to go with your collar.

  • Product Code: CS001
  • 51MM Associated Collar Styles: Londoner, President Cutaway, Soft President Cutaway, Franklin Spread, Soft Franklin Spread, Franklin Semi Spread.
  • 55MM Associated Collar Styles: English Spread, President Spread, Soft President Spread.
  • 66MM Associated Collar Styles: Semi Spread, Straight Point, President Semi Spread, Roma Cutaway, Soft Roma Cutaway.
  • 70MM Associated Collars: Roma Spread, Soft Roma Spread, Milano II.
  • Replacement Set comes with 4 pairs, 8 Total.
Customer Reviews

379 reviews. Average rating 4.85/5

Recommended by 97%.

  • Just right

    Douglas in Skillman, NJ

  • never received them :-/

    Matej in Boston, MA

  • Did not receive with my order...

    Andrew in North Arlington, NJ

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