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Black Silk Knots


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These black silk knots are the perfect finish to the subdued black-tie ensemble. First developed by French tailors in the 1800s, silk knots are a classy and traditional way to close your French or turn-back cuffs. When you’re not going formal, try these with French cuffs on a dark print or patterned shirt.

  • Product Code: SK0006
  • 3/8" Diameter Knots
  • Stretch To Fit All Cuff Widths

The Casual Cufflink

French cuffs are a great way to dress up without being overdressed. Pairing casual silk knots with your French cuff shirts is an expert way to achieve a professional yet fun look.

Customer Reviews

24 reviews. Average rating 4.67/5

Recommended by 92%.

  • Nicely made but impossible to put on

    Alvin in PORTLAND, OR

  • A little bit of a struggle to fit into the French cuff shirt.

    Nick in Minneapolis, MN

  • Good product. I like silk knots as they add a bit of a classic touch. More difficult to use than cufflinks, however.

    Jonathan in Vancouver, British Columbia

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