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Black Silk Knots


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These black silk knots are the perfect finish to the subdued black-tie ensemble. First developed by French tailors in the 1800s, silk knots are a classy and traditional way to close your French or turn-back cuffs. When you’re not going formal, try these with French cuffs on a dark print or patterned shirt.

  • Product Code: SK0006
  • 3/8" Diameter Knots
  • Stretch To Fit All Cuff Widths

The Casual Cufflink

French cuffs are a great way to dress up without being overdressed. Pairing casual silk knots with your French cuff shirts is an expert way to achieve a professional yet fun look.

Customer Reviews

23 reviews. Average rating 4.78/5

Recommended by 96%.

  • A little bit of a struggle to fit into the French cuff shirt.

    Nick in Minneapolis, MN

  • Good product. I like silk knots as they add a bit of a classic touch. More difficult to use than cufflinks, however.

    Jonathan in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • fun on the cuffs but a bit difficult to implement. had to put them on the cuffs before the putting on the shirt then push my hands through...but, once all parts were in place they looked great

    Chico in Kent, WA

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