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The Popover
Part dress shirt. Part polo. Our new popover shirt style has a half-placket and only three buttons below the collar. This requires you to “pop” it “over” your head. Or something like that. Plaid popovers for winter. Oxford popovers for summer. Button downs. Spread collars. Short sleeves. Long sleeves. Custom popovers.
Italian x American Style
Some claim the popover is an American classic invented by Gant back in the 60's. Others say it’s Italian. Gianni Agnelli (the stylish head of Fiat) was famous for wearing a sprezzy cutaway version. We’ll call it Italian does American. And be all about it.
Our Design
We designed our popover with a slightly longer shirt placket and three buttons below the collar button. Constructed with a soft, unfused placket and a reinforced triangle at the bottom.
Versatile #Menswear Essential
The popover is more casual than a dress shirt. A bit dressier than a simple polo. It has a certain "inbetween" quality that dresses things up in a relaxed, casual way. #menswear folks rejoice.
1) Go to the create a shirt tool
2) At step "2. STYLE" click on “+ more style options"
3) In the FRONT PLACKET STYLE section, select “Popover"
Size Tips & Caution
You won’t be able to unbutton this shirt all the way down, so any super-super-slim fits may create problems. Test if you can take off your existing shirts with just the collar and next two buttons undone. In general, consider widening your midsection width and shortening your shirt length just a bit for this more casual shirt style.
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Vincent Green and Blue Plaid Popover
White Heavy Oxford Cloth Popover
Navy Heavy Oxford Popover
Wythe Steel Blue Oxford Popover
Light Blue Heavy Oxford Cloth Popover
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