Washed Japanese Blue Slub Weave Fabric



Fabric Description

One of our most unique fabrics to date. This funky blue slub weave has a very special texture to it. It's woven to wear heavier, yet has an open weave so that it breathes well. The yarn is an inconsistent indigo-hued melange that really elevates this from just another solid blue shirt. Woven in Japan with a 10/1 x 10/1 thread count, it looks incredibly clean while being worn--the fabric isn't the softest at first, but over time and after washing it really softens up and becomes very comfortable to wear. Try it with a Soft Franklin Spread collar, soft placket, and soft cuff.

Casual Wash: Shirts cut in this fabric are washed after being sewn. This process gives the shirt a softer, broken-in feel with puckering around the seams.


Fabric Details

  • Suggested Style Casual
  • Weave Plain Weavei
  • Composition 100% Cotton
  • Thread Count 10si
  • Weight Heavyweighti
  • Opacity Rating 4 / 5 · Very Opaquei
  • Wrinkle Resistance 4 / 5 · Wrinkle-Resistanti
  • Origin Japan
  • Care Machine wash with non-chlorine detergents only, hang dry, ironi
  • Shrinkage This shirt is not expected to shrink. Only Standard Allowances will be applied.i
  • Fabric ID PCF1210

4.7 on 368 Reviews

Recommended by 93%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.6

  • Beautiful texture and thickness. The color is really unique.

    January 2022  ·  Nikkil in Munich, Bayern

  • Beautiful hand

    December 2021  ·  Steve in Madison, WI

  • This remains my favorite shirt from Proper Cloth. The fabric looks and feels sophisticated and holds it's shape very well. Very comfortable.

    December 2021  ·  Kim in Seattle, WA

  • Very heavy feel for a linen and has not wowed me.

    November 2021  ·  Taylor in Kennesaw, GA

  • One of my favourite fabric orders. Lovely blue clour and amazing texture.

    November 2021  ·  Shane in Calgary, Alberta

  • Feels slightly scratchy at first, but quickly softens after a wash or two. Unique texture you won't find anywhere else. Wonderful inky color.

    July 2021  ·  Derek in Oakland, CA

  • Good color. Very rough fabric, in my opinion.

    June 2021  ·  Luke in Westport, CT

  • Love this shirt! One of my favs. Soft and comfortable and gets more so after every wash.

    April 2021  ·  Erik in Camas, WA

  • Very nice

    February 2021  ·  Matthew in Wilsonville, AL

  • I would have preferred a finer finish

    October 2020  ·  Samuel in Wheaton, IL

  • love it. definitely get the pocket. classy casual

    May 2020  ·  Michael in Boise, ID

  • Great fabric

    April 2020  ·  Brian in Taylorville, IL

  • Feels great

    January 2020  ·  Eric in CHICAGO, IL

  • Very nice.

    November 2019  ·  C in AUSTIN, TX

  • My favorite all time un-tucked shirt. I bought this back in 2015 and still were it regularly.

    October 2019  ·  Santo in Montvale, NJ

  • Love the color and the fade. Shrank more than my other proper cloth shirts however.

    August 2019  ·  John in Altadena, CA

  • Love, love, love the 'Japanese' shirts - this one in particular has a very nice color, feels nicely and I bought a few others of similar style/ different color - it has a tad of the linen look but more premium for sure and without the wrinkle prone quality of linen

    August 2019  ·  Johan Robert in Coconut Grove, FL

  • Breathable like a lighter linen, but opaque enough for more formal settings.

    August 2019  ·  Matthew in State College, PA

  • This is a heavier fabric, quite soft, that I ordered for cooler weather.

    August 2019  ·  Michael in Eugene, OR

  • Lots of texture. I get compliments every time I wear this shirt.

    July 2019  ·  Sean in CHARLOTTE, NC

  • Terrific casual weave. Great for days when you move around or get outside.

    July 2019  ·  Erik in Encino, CA

  • Much heavier than I was expecting, so be mindful that it won't drape like your thinner shirts. Other than that, love the color and feel.

    June 2019  ·  Max in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

  • soft after a few washes

    May 2019  ·  matt in durango, CO

  • Great fabric. Breathes very nicely and different than linen.

    April 2019  ·  Joseph in Brooklyn, NY

  • Very interesting color and texture. Like a heavier Japanese chambray. Has a casual vibe to it, so you can wear it for a bit of a casual day in the office, or a bit of a nicer flair to some other event.

    March 2019  ·  Jeff in San Diego, CA

  • Classy looking casual shirt!

    February 2019  ·  Amit in Princeton, NJ

  • I get more compliments about this shirt than any other. The fabric gets better and better with washing but the tips of the collar are looking a little worn.

    February 2019  ·  Sean in Long Beach, CA

  • Really like it - gets softer and softer---

    February 2019  ·  Bryan in Cabot, VT

  • One of my favorite, great fabric weight.

    January 2019  ·  Dorian in Mill Valley, CA

  • I mostly use this shirt with jeans and it looks and feels great.

    January 2019  ·  Arturo in Houston, TX

  • Too stiff, folds weird

    December 2018  ·  Jacob in San Francisco, CA

  • Sturdy fabric with interesting texture.

    December 2018  ·  Ian in Rochester, MN

  • Nice casual shirt

    December 2018  ·  kenneth in PALM DESERT, CA

  • This fabric is heavy but the weave makes it airy and very breathable, so still ideal for summer months. This shirt shrunk quite a bit in the length after laundering it a couple times.

    November 2018  ·  John in Berwyn, PA

  • I get a lot of compliments, comfortable and stylish.

    November 2018  ·  c a in West Nyack, NY

  • This is the best fabric I have ordered on this site. Soft, luxurious, and stunning visual texture.

    November 2018  ·  David in Nashua, NH

  • I've had this shirt for just over two years and while I love the texture, it has fared the worst of any fabric I've tried. you absolutely need to hang dry this fabric and even then, expect it to shrink more than most fabrics. I do love the texture and coloring is spot on from the photos.

    October 2018  ·  Drew in Chicago, IL

  • Love the colour & feel of this material

    October 2018  ·  Karl in Brandon, Manitoba

  • Unique fabric - softer and heavier than had expected but surprisingly breathable.

    October 2018  ·  Watt in Norwich, VT

  • This was my my favorite Proper Cloth shirt ordered to date. However, after 3-4 washes the the threads in the chest began to noticeably separate.

    October 2018  ·  Joe in CLEVELAND, OH

  • Doesn't get any better! Thank you!

    October 2018  ·  Eric in Evergreen Park, IL

  • This shirt shrunk significantly after washing. I thought it would be more of a chambray fabric.

    October 2018  ·  Jeffrey in Syracuse, NY

  • The slub weave is great, could never find a shirt like this before that fit me. No longer an issue with Proper Cloth.

    September 2018  ·  Howard in Duluth, MN

  • Stunning texture like no other shirt I own. must have.

    September 2018  ·  Matt in Traverse City, MI

  • Very interesting fabric with plenty of texture and hues that change with light.

    September 2018  ·  Alessandro in Brooklyn, NY

  • This the most unique fabric I have ever owned. Get a lot of compliments.

    September 2018  ·  Siddharth in Canoga Park, CA

  • Love the look and texture of this fabric. Gets a ton of compliments.

    August 2018  ·  Jerome in Dublin, CA,

  • This fabric is surprisingly cool thanks to the breathable weave. It wears on the heavier side but with even a slight breeze is comfortable even in hot, humid weather. With a few washes under its belt, the natural irregularities in the fabric have given the shirt a lot of character.

    August 2018  ·  William in Highland Bch, MD

  • Too thick

    August 2018  ·  Moshe in Potomac, MD

  • Exceptional quality, feels and looks quite luxurious to touch.

    August 2018  ·  Kris in Maylands, WA

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