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Carmel Light Blue Tencel and Cotton Knit Pique Fabric


Estimated Restock: Fall 2023


Fabric Description

This might be the softest fabric we‘ve ever made.

This 30s single-ply piqué is a beautifully soft and plush take on the timeless polo shirt fabric we all know and love. It has a wonderful geometric knit structure that makes it naturally breathable and lightweight in addition to the fantastic performance of Tencel™. Tencel™ is an eco-friendly wood pulp fiber that’s more absorbent than cotton, and its drape is similar to that of silk and rayon. The inside of this fabric feels like butter on the skin, and the hint of premium elastane adds extra comfort to its easiness. This fresh light blue is an elevated alternative to your sportier polo shirts, and it’s super versatile, too. Don’t hesitate to wear it with an unstructured suit and sneakers or espadrilles.

Recommended Styling: We prefer it with soft details. Our Soft English Spread collar and One Button or Two Button Polo front make a great classic long or short sleeve polo shirt. A Camp collar is also a great option. Slate Horn buttons will provide a more elevated touch.


Fabric Details

4.8 on 93 Reviews

Recommended by 95%.

  • Color & Pattern 4.8

  • Performance 4.7

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  • Super soft as advertised, but it makes the shirt feel droopy and unstructured. Not an ideal fabric for a button down collar as suggested.

    last month  ·  Lucas in New York, NY

  • Nice luxe polo shirt fabric. Lightweight but drapes well.

    last month  ·  Bradley in New York, NY

  • This is a super soft stretchy fabric. For me it was too heavy and I didn't like the stretch. It felt like a sweatshirt. I can see how people like it but it is not for me.

    August 2023  ·  Corey in New York, NY

  • The fabric is soft and the color is true to the photos.

    July 2023  ·  Chris in Kentfield, CA

  • Excellent fabric

    July 2023  ·  Joshua in New York, NY

  • This is the softest and most comfortable fabric yet that I have purchased from proper cloth yet. Perfect for summertime

    July 2023  ·  Jerry in Hudson, NH

  • I ordered this as a short sleeve button down with dark buttons, makes it just a bit unique

    July 2023  ·  Doug in Longmont, CO

  • Perfect for NYC and traveling

    July 2023  ·  Kaden in New York, NY

  • I did not like the fabric. It was a bit loose and felt like a golf shirt.

    July 2023  ·  John in CHICAGO, IL

  • light polo shirt type fabric. comfortable. drapes without structure. breathes well

    June 2023  ·  Ignatius Daniel in NEW YORK, NY

  • Super comfortable

    June 2023  ·  John in ATLANTA, GA

  • So soft

    May 2023  ·  Josh in New York, NY

  • Super soft and nice shirt. Expect it to shrink quite a bit.

    May 2023  ·  Laurent in COSTA MESA, CA

  • Ideal for polo shirt

    April 2023  ·  TImothy in Toronto, ON

  • So soft.

    April 2023  ·  Kevin in NEW HAVEN, CT

  • Beautiful fabric.

    March 2023  ·  Sam in Sarasota, FL

  • Looking for a long sleeve polo shirt for Spring, but this fabric is drapes heavy

    March 2023  ·  Anthony in West Somerville, MA

  • Like everything except the need to get it dry cleaned.

    February 2023  ·  Daniel in Miami, FL

  • The feel of the fabric was great. The texture on this pique knit seemed slightly uneven, which could either add or detract based on personal preference.

    January 2023  ·  Frederick in Seattle, WA

  • Awesome!

    January 2023  ·  Jeremy in MILWAUKEE, WI

  • Super comfortable. Much better than traditional pique!

    December 2022  ·  Michael in New York, NY

  • I had this made into a long-sleeve popover. It's lightweight but not that sheer. Makes a good substitute for a regular button-down shirt. My shirt came with the collar stays, which helps it look more formal. Color is brighter than the pictures would indicate, which I like. Good contrast to a dark sportcoat or jacket.

    December 2022  ·  Eric in Potomac, MD

  • Great comfort

    December 2022  ·  Chris in BETHESDA, MD

  • Good all around and I liked the color

    December 2022  ·  Sherwin in Bala Cynwyd, PA

  • My favorite

    November 2022  ·  Clay in Lambton Shores, ON

  • Love it

    November 2022  ·  Anthony in Westlake Village, CA

  • Very comfortable

    October 2022  ·  Ellery in New York, NY

  • very soft

    October 2022  ·  Gregory in Avon, OH

  • Soft and warm

    September 2022  ·  William in Hendra, QLD

  • Very soft, comfortable shirt!

    September 2022  ·  Rick in Calgary, Alberta

  • Fabric is a little bit on the thicker side, but I like it. Probably would order without a pocket next time.

    September 2022  ·  Scot in AUSTIN, TX

  • Love the polo fabric. Just make sure you know it's dry clean only. Will shrink if you wash it normally.

    September 2022  ·  Glenn in MARIETTA, GA

  • Extremely comfortable.

    September 2022  ·  Stephen in South Orange, NJ

  • Well constructed shirt

    September 2022  ·  Derrick in JACKSONVILLE, FL

  • Fabric is a medium blue, will be hot if temp is in the 80's and above.

    August 2022  ·  David in Hinsdale, IL

  • Overall good, though do worry about long term if it will stretch / not be durable. Length of shirt was a little too much.

    August 2022  ·  Matt in New York, NY

  • Soft on the skin, and soft on the eyes

    August 2022  ·  Noah in Portland, OR

  • I can’t fault you for my fabric choice. I think it is too soft and wrinkles too easily. It is, however, very comfortable.

    August 2022  ·  Jim in Auburn, IN

  • Love the feel of this fabric.

    August 2022  ·  Shawn in Saint Helena, CA

  • great feel and look

    July 2022  ·  Nick in PHILADELPHIA, PA

  • Soft and professional yet relaxed at the same time

    July 2022  ·  sean in Lutherville, MD

  • Very happy with this shirt

    July 2022  ·  Patrick in Montreal, Quebec

  • Made a very nice polo short from thus fabric

    July 2022  ·  john in North Andover, MA

  • Great lightweight knit shirt - great for travel

    June 2022  ·  Linda in Guelph, ON

  • It’s soft and breathable. It dries on a hangar with few enough wrinkles to wear for a casual look.

    June 2022  ·  David in PHOENIX, AZ

  • I like the weight of it and how the fabric is breathable, good for summer time.

    June 2022  ·  byron in Atlanta, GA

  • Fabric fine sleeves again are awful

    June 2022  ·  Gavin in Cork, Cork

  • Nice fabric and color

    May 2022  ·  Bobby in BOSTON, MA

  • Better than expected, really soft and drapes well

    May 2022  ·  Kevin in New York, NY

  • Super soft!

    May 2022  ·  Salvatore in Cleveland Heights, OH

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Carmel Light Blue Tencel and Cotton Knit Pique
Carmel Light Blue Tencel and Cotton Knit Pique
Carmel Light Blue Tencel and Cotton Knit Pique

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