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Carmine Light Blue Horizontal Stripe


Shirt Style Details

President Spread Legacy Collar Diagram

President Spread Legacy Collar

A modern spread collar of traditional proportions. Great with a jacket, tie, or open collar.

One Button Barrel Cuff Diagram

One Button Barrel Cuff

Our standard, rounded dress shirt cuff. Understated and classic. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

No Placket Diagram

No Placket, No Pocket

The front of the shirt simply folds back on itself for a cleaner yet less structured look.

Standard Buttons Diagram

Standard Buttons

Our standard button. Made from high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Buttons Standard Buttons i
    Standard Buttons Diagram

    Our standard button. Made from high quality plastic resin. Very durable.

  • Bottom Hem Rounded i

    A 2” curved front and back shirttail hem with reinforced side seam gussets.

Change any of these shirt details, add a monogram, chest pocket, and more by customizing this shirt.

Fabric Info

Fabric Description

A light blue pencil stripe is one of the most timeless shirts in a guy's closet, but we love the way this classic looks when it runs horizontally, too. It feels familiar and easy to wear, yet still very unique and more casual. The stripe just the right scale to be worn dressed up for a more fun sartorial look, but it's also great for the weekend with jeans. The 60s 1-ply construction feels silky smooth and it really irons up crisply. For those wondering, this is the same fabric as PCF692 cut to run horizontally. Try it with a Soft President Cutaway for a bolder off-duty look, or with a Soft President Spread if you want something more versatile.

Fabric Details

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